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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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Turkish Citizenship by Investment under Turkish law, a real estate sale contract is only valid if it has been draft by the Land Registry and sign in the land registry sign in front of the land registry. Other written or oral real estate contracts are not valid. Therefore, if either party (for example, a property buyer) pays the seller or real estate agent any amount. Whether it is call a deposit, or a fee, unless the transaction is formally complete under an official real estate sale contract sign in the land registry, the parties will receive all the money receive under the invalid sales contract. I need a refund.

These Frequently Question about Turkish Citizenship by Investment

1) What is the new Turkish citizenship under the Investment Law?

According to Turkish Presidential Decree No. 106 of September 18, 2018, foreigners who buy eligible real estate worth at least $250,000 can apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment. However, if the property has not been sold for more than 3 years

2) Can I join my family?

If you meet the criteria and apply for Turkish citizenship, your spouse and minor children may apply with you.

3) Can I keep another nationality?

Turkey allows dual citizenship. If dual nationality is permit by another nationality. By investing, you can retain another citizenship while applying for Turkish citizenship.

4) Do I need to live in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship?

If you are applying for Turkish Citizenship by Investment, you must first obtain a residence permit.

5) Do I need to speak Turkish to apply for Turkish citizenship?

You do not need to speak Turkish if you want to invest and apply for Turkish citizenship.

6) Do I need to buy housing to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The property you are buying is residential or commercial property.

7) What are the alternatives to investing in Turkish real estate?

To apply for Turkish citizenship, you can not only buy real estate, but also pledge not to withdraw for three years and deposit 500 thousand dollars in your Turkish bank account or register your company in Turkey. Paid-in capital $500,000.

8) How long does it take to apply for citizenship?

It can take up to 6 months to apply for citizenship, but the processing usually takes 2-3 months.

9) Can I buy real estate with a bank loan?

When applying for Turkish citizenship, you cannot buy real estate using a bank loan from a Turkish bank.

10) How can I check the properties of the property?

The property value appraisal that certifies real estate must be done by a specially license surveyor. Second, this qualification must be confirm by the Land Registry. There are also some rules and restrictions regarding the previous owner of the property and how to pay the price.

It is advisable to consult a real estate attorney before purchasing a property for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Obtaining Turkish citizenship can be a complex process. There should be a lawyer who specializes in this field Public Prosecutors, real estate investment in Turkey and his legal office in Antalya, provide legal services to foreigners who want to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment. These services include, but are not limit to, property inspections. Apply for a residence permit. Register a relevant pledge in the Land Registry Ask the Land Registry Office to confirm the property. Regulating price-secure transactions. Own real estate and apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment for buyers and their families

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