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10 Top Ramen Noodles

by Neeraj
Ramen Noodles

When it comes to 5 minutes of cooking what is the one thing that crosses your mind?

No wonder it’s the instant ramen noodles that offer hassle-free and seamless cooking. Be it your late-night craving or early morning starvation instant noodles hang in every time before anyone else. While you are at it, there are a number of noodle brands in the market and it’s baffling to catch that one brand matching your taste buds. We have prepared a list picking out the best instant ramen noodles of the abundant choices given to us.

Track down your next goto noodles below.

Top 10 Ramen Noodles

1. Nonshim- Shin Ramen

Nonshim- Shin RamenNonnshim-Shin ramen noodles are known worldwide for the spices and flavor intact in it. It’s spicy enough to get your nose running and the dehydrated veggies give the noodles a subtle sweet angel. Its rich broth with meat chunks is all you can ask for on a wintery morning. If you still haven’t tried Nonshim ramen, you haven’t tasted the authentic ramen itself.

2. Nissin Cup Noodle- Curry

Nissin Cup Noodle- CurryIf you love Japanese curry noodles here’s your pick. Nissin noodles have everything from spices to aroma. Its flavorful curry taste can bring water to anyone’s mouth. Your curry craving will be satiated with Nissin cup noodles. For an extra creamy layer add some shredded cheese on top.

3. Maggi Masala Noodles

Maggi Masala NoodlesMaggi Masala Noodles are a staple food in every Indian household. With its gaining popularity, Maggi is becoming a brand known worldwide for its spice-rich sauce maker. The tangy and sweet and sour taste of Maggi noodles is no more limited to India but across the country as well. If you haven’t already tried Maggi noodles what are you waiting for? grab your pack today!.

4. Maruchan Gold – Soy Sauce

Maruchan Gold - Soy SauceFor the most authentic and real taste of ramen noodles go for these. It will legit give you the feels of eating ramen out of ramen stalls in Tokyo. Maruchan noodles are known for their strong flavors and originality at times when there are variants losing the signature flavor of ramen noodles.

5. Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Noodles

Nissin Top Ramen Chicken NoodlesNissin Top Ramen chicken-flavored noodles are really famous. It has very high commercial value also known to be comfort food. If you were looking for a good chicken broth along with ramen noodles, this variant is all you could have asked for.

6. Nissin Top Ramen Curry Noodles

Nissin Top Ramen Curry NoodlesNissin has been a brand in the market for the longest time. It has many variants of ramen noodles ranging from a long rack of spices to original flavors. Curry noodles are yet another favorite noodles pack for anyone who loves spices and curry flavor. It has a strong pepper hit which can make your nose runny anyway. Your strong urge to eat flavourful ramen now has the station to stop.

7. Yippee Noodles

Yippee NoodlesSunfeast Yippee noodles are famous in India for their long non-sticky noodles. It has gained a trusted brand status in Indian households. Its pack contains round-shaped noodles and a sachet of sauce maker. Yippee noodles have a very different taste with more tangy flavors.

8. Ching’s Instant Noodles

Ching’s Instant NoodlesChing’s Instant Noodles are really famous Indian and Chinese fusion. The flavor profile of each Ching’s noodles variant is different making it really popular among fast food lovers. The price and range make it a staple food to consume. It’s pocket-friendly and unique in taste.

9. Knorr Instant Soupy Noodles

Knorr Instant Soupy NoodlesIf you love some extra soup in your noodles, Knorr Instant noodles are in store for you. A subtly sweet and sour taste with fewer spices makes it a pick when you are in the mood for light-flavored extra soupy noodles. There are Chinese and hot spicy variants too in the market.

10. Horlicks Foodles

Horlicks FoodlesHorlick’s foodies can be categorized as people who are diet conscious. It is made with multi-nutrient flour maintaining health benefits. So, if you are a fitness freak and love eating noodles at the same time you know the right choice.

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