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3 Highly Emotional & Dramatic Moments That Make ESPY Awards

by tinfluencer
ESPY Awards

We have witnessed some of the most compelling moments of the sports world during ESPY Awards. Over the years, it has successfully encapsulated the fondest sports memories of every season with some amazing moments and moving speeches.

The 2022 ESPY Awards are to be held at the Microsoft Theater in LA, on the 13th of July. This year will mark the 30th edition of the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award which is known as ESPY. It will honour all the sports stars to professional athletes of this year and is likely to have Jessie Diggins, Lindsey Jacobellis, and even Simone Biles. One will also see the volleyball champions, jockeys and racecar drivers, UFC and MMA fighters. Actors like Amy Adams, Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lady Gaga are also heard to be attending this event.

While we are officially about to enter the ESPY season, here we walk down memory lane and enlist some of the most emotional and dramatic moments of ESPYs so far. Take a look and enjoy!

The Black Lives Matter Moment

The 2016 ESPY began with a meaningful message on the racial divide. And LeBron James along with his NBA stars, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony reminded us of the black lives that have been lost, from Trayvon Martin to Alton Sterling. They also said that Muhammad Ali should be a role model for all athletes. They ask us to look into the mirror and question ourselves about what steps we have taken to bring about a change. It was an iconic moment in the ESPY that became like a plea to end racial suffering and pray for unity and peace.

Caitlyn Jenner gets the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

This was a precious moment because it celebrated an individual’s freedom and happiness in discovering who she is. A former Olympic gold medalist, Caitlyn Jenner transformed from male to female and gained freedom from the shackles of gender dysphoria. Donned in a white dress, she changed the perception people have about transgenders and took a big step towards destigmatizing and breaking all social barriers.

Larger than Life Moment of 2014

Stuart Scott, the SportsCenter anchor, who passed away less than 6 months after the ESPY 2014, gave us yet another powerful speech of that season. He addressed his daughters in the audience, telling them he loves them more than he can express and that his daughters are his heartbeat. He also went on to say that he stood on the stage that night because of them. Then, he gave a meaningful message to his audience that dying does not mean that they have lost the battle to cancer. You can beat it by how you live, the reason for being alive, and the way you live. It is for these inspiring moments that make ESPY what it is today.

ESPY Awards are not like any other awards. It is not merely about sports and sports stars but their stories and why they are legends. This summer, make sure you do not want to miss this for anything. Grab your tickets quickly from any ESPY events agency in LA and keep rooting for your favourites.

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