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4 Massive And Profitable Healthcare Stocks In 2022

by floydmarshall

When it comes to health, everyone requires – or will require – healthcare at some point. When there is something that everyone requires, there is a huge opportunity for investors.

Healthcare is one of the largest and most complicated industries. It consists of a diverse group of companies that sell medical goods and services. Companies that sell drugs, and medical devices, as well as hospitals and healthcare providers, are all part of the healthcare sector.

The diversity of the healthcare industry, which ranges from robotics to insurance companies, from century-old drug manufacturers to new cannabis farms, makes it an important investment. Furthermore, Healthcare may provide a lot of diversification to your portfolio because the sector includes both growth and value stocks. Defensive stocks, aggressive small-cap plays, and more conservative large-cap firms are some examples.

Types of healthcare stocks

When you invest in the healthcare industry, you are actually investing in a number of industries. There are several types of healthcare stocks, which are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical or drug stocks

Drug companies concentrate on developing drugs that treat diseases. Biotech creates drugs using living microorganisms including bacteria or enzymes, whereas pharmaceutical companies use chemicals. Drug stocks range in size from multibillion-dollar corporations to small biotech with no products on the market.

These companies also conduct research and development in order to develop new drugs for clinical trials. Then they rely on approval to use it. Some of these efforts may result in “blockbuster” drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering agents and diabetes medications, which will generate profits for years to come.

  • Medical device stocks

Different medical device companies create devices that are used in inpatient care. Medical equipment manufacturers range from low-cost items such as bandages and gloves to high-end items. MRI machines and surgical robots are examples of high-tech equipment.

As healthcare consumption grows, medical equipment stocks may offer long-term growth opportunities. When evaluating medical equipment stocks, investors should consider product innovation, government approval, and market demand.

  • Health insurers stock

Payers, such as health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), are particularly important in the United States’ healthcare system. Because health-care coverage is such an important part of people’s lives, managed-care firms’ profits are usually consistent. A group of five companies dominates this sector in the United States.

  • Healthcare provider stocks

Healthcare providers are on the front lines of providing healthcare to patients. Medical facilities companies run hospitals, clinics, labs, physician offices, psychiatric facilities, and nursing homes. Despite the fact that demographics are in its favor, this sector has previously struggled to make its business models profitable.

Major medical stocks in 2022

Globally, healthcare costs around $8.3 trillion. The United States spends nearly half of it, or $3.8 trillion. Because the healthcare sector is growing at a much faster rate than the overall global economy, these figures will almost certainly be much higher by the end of the decade. We look at 4 major healthcare stocks to invest in for 2022.

  • UnitedHealth group

The United States spends an astounding $4 trillion per year on health care. UnitedHealth (UNH), the industry’s largest player, has annual revenues of nearly $300 billion, a market value of $430 billion, and 330,000 employees. It leads in care services as the largest private health insurance provider.

OptumHealth, a division of the company, provides pharmacy benefits and owns physician practices and surgical centers. Furthermore, it has a high level of customer satisfaction and a growing number of senior citizens as customers (about 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day).

UnitedHealth Group is the world’s largest health insurer. It also operates one of the most substantial PBMs. UnitedHealth Group is one of the most appealing payer stocks on the market due to its size, stability, and dividend.

  • Intuitive surgical

In order to accommodate future growth, Intuitive Surgical made changes to its leadership. Strategy and Growth, as well as Global Business Services, are two new functional units.

Intuitive Surgical is a great example of a surgical stock that is also a medical device stock. Many elective surgeries were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which hurt the company’s business. However, the availability of vaccines has aided Intuitive business in resuming its previous strong growth.

The company’s revenue was $1.5 billion, which was 30% higher than the $1.08 billion it reported a year ago. ISRG earned $1.19 per share on a cost basis, a 29 percent increase over the previous year’s earnings of 92 cents per share.

  • Pfizer

Pfizer is a multinational biopharmaceutical corporation. It discovers, creates, manufactures, and sells a wide range of biopharmaceutical products, such as medicines and vaccines. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the company’s business in 2021, and it is forecast to keep in 2022.

Pfizer reported in its quarterly report that 75% of its COVID-19 revenue came from countries other than the United States. It plans to deliver at least 2 billion Comirnaty doses to low- and middle-income countries by the end of next year. Pfizer expects $36 billion in revenue from its COVID vaccine in each of the four quarters of 2021, with $29 billion in 2022.

  • Novavax

In 2021, Novavax, one of the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates that have yet to receive FDA approval, is having a volatile year. Its shares are up 65% year to date and 98.2 percent year to date, with a share price ranging from $110 to $331.68.

NVAX has also filed regulatory documents in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the European Union. It plans to submit its entire completed package to the FDA by the end of the year. 2022 could be the year the floodgates open for the bioscience development group.

By the end of the year, Novavax expects to have a monthly manufacturing capacity of 150 million doses. For the entire year of 2022, the estimate is around 2 billion. However, due to increased research and development costs, the company lost $322.4 million during the quarter. It is 63 percent more than in the same period the previous year.


To conclude, the main idea of this article is to provide massive and top healthcare provider stocks ruling in 2022. To make the patients good and healthy, the role of healthcare providers stocks is significant. There are many functions and services of healthcare providers which gain customer satisfaction. There are also several types of healthcare stocks that are present above. Each of the functions serves the patients. There are different healthcare providers and suppliers like medical items suppliers, medical tools suppliers, protective gloves supplier, etc. They all are essential to our health. The above healthcare stocks are the top stock companies and contribute consistently in providing different services to satisfy consumers.


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