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5 Best Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants

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Because your organization will need to generate money to sustain its objective, a third-party specialist could be a terrific resource to help you realize the full potential of your plan.

With the aid of a fundraising consultant, it is possible to close any current funding gaps, create new tactics, and advance your cause in a number of different ways.

If you choose to engage a professional to help your nonprofit with fundraising, take a look at some of these best fundraising consultants.

1. Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant | Wise Business Plans


Wise Business Plans works with non-profit organizations on a variety of different facets of their business in addition to providing services including fundraising, strategic planning, board leadership, and crisis management.

Wise Business Plans is a business that believes in maintaining positivity and on course, so you can rely on them to help you handle even the most challenging fundraising conditions. The company offers services and advice that address a range of needs, from fundraising evaluations and frameworks to donor communication and crisis management, taking a holistic approach to providing answers for clients.

It involves first listening to you, learning about your company, and putting a strategy in place based on your goals. With the assistance of Wise Business Plans’ advisers, you don’t have to worry about your organization withstanding any storms.

Wise Business Plan’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Wise Business Plans offers advisory services in the following areas to nonprofits. 

Strategy for raising funds. By utilizing this tool, your organization can learn more about the motivations behind donations and create plans for increasing funding.

Organize your thoughts. Wise Business Plans advises a thorough assessment of your company to make sure that its goals and values are congruent. They may create a daring strategy for a specific season or to increase fundraising capacity year after year, according for the needs of your organisation.

Graphics and design Graphics and design go hand in hand. Your visual identity can be coordinated with your objectives and target market using a logo design, typefaces, colors, icons, graphics, and more.

Web design and development. Your team will receive training and support to help them create a user-friendly website that promotes their brand and conveys their narrative, as well as a long-term strategy for their team. Experts from Wise Business Plans can help your nonprofit no matter the conditions.

What makes this consultant stand out

Instead of offering a general solution, their business plan consultants collaborate with you to identify answers to the specific issues facing your nonprofit. The firm’s consultants can handle almost any fundraising difficulty your organization may have because they have the knowledge and experience necessary.

2. Greater Mission | Top Religion-Specific Consulting Firm


Greater Mission collaborates with organizations connected to the Catholic Church.

Greater Mission has a lot of attention on connecting the Latino Catholic community, which allows it to reach a wider audience, but it also focuses primarily on capital campaigns and capacity building.

The business can conduct feasibility studies to secure significant gifts because to its wide range of talents.

Greater Mission’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Greater Mission offers a wide range of services, including

  • This company offers a range of services, such as mission advancement planning, development audits, and feasibility assessments. It collaborates with churches to create one-time projects and ongoing efforts including capital campaigns and capacity building.
  • Through constituent evaluations, major contribution appeals, and bequest appeals, we will pinpoint the church members who are most likely to give a sizeable, life-changing donation.
  • The organizational structure of the Catholic Church will serve as a model for large-scale fundraising campaigns.
  • Catholics will benefit greatly from the services created by Greater Mission.

What makes this consultant stand out

Despite its purported charitable status, the company is committed to assisting congregations in both English and Spanish with their fundraising endeavors.

3. Fundraising Consultants | Meyer Partners


With the aid of Meyer Partners, a full-service nonprofit marketing company, your organization’s fundraising objectives can be achieved (or surpassed).

The Meyer Partners team has experience using data-driven fundraising campaigns and multi-channel strategies to build long-lasting, better relationships with donors.

Meyer Partners can handle all of your list-building, creative, copywriting, manufacturing, and direct mail needs.

Meyer Partners’ Nonprofit Consulting Services

Meyer Partners provides several charitable marketing services:

With years of experience in direct response fundraising, Meyer Partners can assist you in generating money for print and digital campaigns. Whether you are organizing an annual campaign, a capital campaign, or an upgrade campaign, we will support you in achieving your fundraising objectives.

Email marketing is being investigated. Meyer Partners will help you segment your email lists and create the appropriate communications for each group, whether you’re distributing a newsletter or a digital year-end appeal. No of where they are in the fundraising process, all donors will get the finest chance to communicate with your business.

Your nonprofit will be able to interact with donors where and how it matters most to them by working with Meyer Partners, which will boost revenue and impact.

What makes this consultant stand out

Supporting your fundraising efforts involves having a passion for improving the world. Meyer Partners is more than just a supplier; they are in fact your allies. They will devote themselves to your cause and diligently work to meet and exceed your goals.

4. GivingMail | Direct Mail Fundraising Consultants


Through GivingMail, a company that specializes in direct mail marketing and fundraising, they assist organizations in creating and implementing high-quality direct mail appeals to their supporters. Its area of expertise is giving fundraising organizations the tools they require to obtain crucial finance.

Working with GivingMail’s fundraising and direct mail experts can help you accomplish your organization’s aim to have a positive influence on your community.


Among GivingMail’s key services are

Direct mail design assistance: With their user-friendly program, even fundraisers without any graphic design skills can create beautiful mailings.

By selecting from a choice of bespoke letter and postcard templates, organizations can quickly and easily generate powerful, personalized donation appeals with GivingMail.

Letters for marketing and fundraising, postcards, informational letters, and other materials are included in marketing and fundraising packages.

Renting one of GivingMail’s current donor lists is a great option if you’re unsure of who to send your fundraising appeal to. They may assist you in limiting your donor list to folks with a shared passion for causes!

GiveMail enables you to deliver effective, high-caliber fundraising messages to the appropriate audiences.

What makes this consultant stand out

When you use GivingMail to send out mailers, you can really cut the cost of mailing to your supporters for a fundraising campaign. They start at $1 per item and offer advice on how to write, design, and deliver your fundraising letter. This is significantly less expensive than purchasing your own paper, cards, printing, and postage!

5. Grants Plus | Grant Seeking Consultant


Grants Plus offers consultancy services to government entities in addition to creating grant-seeking strategies and attractive grant proposals for private organizations and enterprises of all sizes.

They take the time to comprehend your particular circumstance so that your company can get over any obstacles to grant-seeking.


The following services are offered by Grants Plus:

Grant Prospect Research: Your organization will be able to identify its most promising funders so you can approach them when it is opportune.

Creating Customized Grants: You won’t need to worry about the grant application procedure because several thorough work plans and competitive applications will be created on your behalf..

Grant Proposal Review & Improvement: You can amend your grant proposal with the assistance of Grants Plus’ specialists to make it as competitive as you can.

Along with providing these services, they are also assisting groups in addressing the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by creating grant-seeking tools that they routinely update for charitable organizations. Explore those resources to learn how Grants Plus can assist you in overcoming any difficulties you may be having with grant-seeking.

What makes this consultant stand out

Since 2007, the Grants Plus team has helped nonprofit partners with hundreds of grant requests, gaining years of experience in grant writing.

They have created a tried-and-true technique for locating grant possibilities and establishing solid connections with sponsors. The average return for nonprofit partners as a result is twelve times greater. Contact Grants Plus right away to find out more about how Grants Plus can enhance your grant-seeking approach.

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