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5 Guitar Lessons for Beginners to Try Out

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by Kavi
Guitar Lesson Singapore

The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the spirit, flight to the imagination, and life to all things.” The importance of music in a world of chaos cannot be overemphasized. Learning to play an instrument can help you find routine, discipline, and much-needed relief from the hustle and bustle of life. And what could be a better instrument than a good old guitar?

1. Udemy

Beginner guitar lessons are available on the excellent learning portal Udemy. The educational platform brings some of the best basic guitar lessons for acoustic and electric guitars. You can choose courses like the latest new guitar master class and step by step guitar lessons in 90 days.

If you want to learn a specific genre, you can also choose jazz for the beginner guitarist. The website offers many guitar lessons for beginners and experts at different prices. You can choose one based on your interest and skills and master the art of guitar playing in no time.

2. Guitar Tricks

If you want beginner guitar lessons that aren’t boring and boring, Guitar Tricks could be your solution. As the name suggests, the website offers students a variety of fun tips and tricks. Their basic guitar lessons are intensively planned to make learning the guitar fun and interesting. The website offers lessons in carefully filmed videos that show students the correct angles to hold the guitar and chords. These beginner guitar lessons also get more difficult with each video, so the student gets new tricks with each lesson.

3. Fender Play

Fender Play is another great resource for guitar lessons for beginners. The site not only teaches guitar, but also offers free ukulele and bass lessons. With Fender Play Basic Guitar Lessons, you can take your favorite songs and play them. The site follows a very structured schedule that allows you to take new courses and track your growth and progress along the way.

4. Mushroom Guitar

The USP of Hub Guitar is that the platform offers students more than just visual guitar lessons. The website offers guitar lessons for beginners, how to read sheet music, theoretical aspects of learning the guitar, and the technique of holding and playing the guitar. For basic guitar lessons and some useful exercises to improve and perform better in any song, Hub Guitar is for every guitar enthusiast.

5. Works Of Art

At Artist Works, you’ll find top-notch guitar lessons for beginners from nine guitar experts. These professionals are trained to learn different genres of music like jazz, rock, country, classical, blues, etc. You can take courses like fingerstyle jazz guitar, classical guitar, dobro and lap steel guitar, electric country guitar and many more.

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