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5 Rejuvenating Activities to Enjoy in Ladakh

Activities to enjoy in Ladakh

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5 Rejuvenating Activities to enjoy in Ladakh

Encircled by Himalayan ranges and Karakoram, Ladakh flaunts its charm with ice-capped mountains, crystal clear skies, iconic landscapes, and serene Buddhist monasteries. The destination makes an ultimate choice to escape the city’s hustle and bustle or to indulge in some thrilling experiences. Due to its high altitude and rough terrain, Ladakh is still a place that is not explored by many. From indulging in camel safari at Hunder to attending the Hemis Festival to heading for some adventurous treks, there are numerous experiences you can enjoy on your trip. So, if you are planning a visit to this magical place, make sure to partake in these activities and incorporate them into your Ladakh tour package.

5 Experiences to enjoy in Ladakh

If you are planning a trip to Ladakh soon, don’t forget to indulge in these experiences and make your holiday a blissful experience.

1. Attend Hemis Festival: Celebrated in the honour of a famous sage, Padmasambhava or Guru Rimpoche, Hemis Festival is an important Buddhist celebration in Ladakh. The festival takes place in Hemis Gompa which is touted as one of the most visited monasteries in Ladakh. This two-day event is celebrated on the 10th day of the fifth month of the Tibetan Calendar. While attending this festival, you can witness Cham Dance and other cultural performances on the drum beats and some local Tibetan musical instruments.

2. Spot Snow Leopard at Hemis National Park: There are a few places in the entire world where you can spot a snow leopard and one of them is Ladakh. Hemis National Park is home to about 200 snow leopards and you can see one, especially in the Rumbak catchment area. Notably, you can witness them only in winters when mountain goats like bharal come to the valley for finding food. While doing this, they bring snow leopards on their trail. So, to witness a snow leopard, opt for Ladakh trip package from December to March.

3. Enjoy a Zanskar Valley Tour: Located in the eastern part of Jammu & Kashmir, Zanskar Valley is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, and the adventurous Chadar Trek, also known as the Frozen River Trek that you can indulge in during the winter season. Besides this, Zanskar-Sham Valley Trek, Lugnak Trail Trek, and Padum-Darcha Trek are some other treks that you can enjoy. River rafting is another activity that is famous among vacationers here. Suru Valley, Shafat Glacier, Pensi La, Nun-Kun Massif, etc. are some of the best tourist attractions in Zanskar Valley.

4. Visit monasteries and spend time with Buddhist monks: Apart from surreal landscapes, Ladakh is famous for its serene monasteries that still hold the Buddhist heritage. So, if you are looking for some soul-soothing experience, then there’s no better place than a monastery where you can witness mind-relaxing activities and interact with the monks. There are several monasteries in Ladakh where you can get immersed in some peaceful moments. Some of the best ones are Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Likir Monastery, Spituk Monastery, Stakna Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Phyang Monastery, Takthok Monastery, Sumda Chun Monastery, and more.

5. Go for Chadar Trek: If you want to enjoy the sheer thrill with Leh tour package, then get ready for the Chadar Trek. You can indulge in this winter trek in January or February when the weather is favourable. This 105 km long trek can be completed in around 8-9 days. To complete this difficult grade trek, you need to walk across the frozen sheets of ice. Giving you the feels of a trek to the north pole, the Chadar trek is a thrilling experience where you cam walkl over the frozen Zanskar River. If you are lucky enough, you can spot exotic wildlife such as snow leopard, blue sheep, ibex, etc.

Ladakh is indeed one of the best destinations in Ladakh where one gets to partake in soul-stirring experiences. So, now that you know the best things to enjoy in Ladakh, plan a trip with your loved ones soon and take advantage of the Ladakh tour package. Don’t forget to grab the best deals at TravelTriangle.

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