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5 Tips For Choosing the Right SEO Company in 2022

by Mariahjackson
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The Search Engine Optimization Industry is worth around $80 Billion around the world. And every other person with a laptop and an internet connection is gonna claim that they are an SEO agency to get a piece of that money. 

Here you are, a business that is just venturing into the digital jungle, trying to figure out things, to improve business with your digital presence. You come across the term ‘SEO’ and are looking for an SEO agency that can help your business rank and grow. There are high chances that you might fall for one of those bogus agencies if you don’t have awareness of what is SEO and what to expect from it. 

Let me reassure you. You don’t need complex and intrinsic knowledge about SEO. You need to ask some basic questions and BAM you can find if the agency is anything they claim to be.

As revered SEO experts in St. Louis, MO, we would like to give you some advice on choosing the right SEO agency for your business needs in 2022. 

There Is No Such Thing as ‘Instant Result’ With SEO 

This is a classic case of deception that businesses and people fall for. I can give numerous examples of how businesses lost money on SEO agencies that promised instant ranking. 

One such incident was when we were discussing with our organic lead about SEO and their Head said, “XYZ agency said that they can rank us for all the keywords in one month.” When we requested the list of keywords, they were all low-volume long-tail keywords that weren’t going to bring in any meaningful traffic at all. One thing that everyone should understand is that SEO is a long-term effort and it’s going to take at least three to six months to see the fruition of the efforts. 

Low cost and instant results are the red flags to watch out for. Any agency offering low-cost services and promising instant results is bogus. You have to spend capital and time on SEO. It is not free or cheap. 

Referred Agencies are Better Than Googled Agencies

Whenever in question, we Google. And that is not really bad in this case. To rank top for high competitive keywords related to SEO is no small feature and the company that did it probably understands its craft. But, you know the old saying, ‘A known Devil is better than an unknown Angel’. 

A top-ranking SEO agency should be good. But, there might be various other factors into consideration such as the budget, resources, if the agency uses any black-hat tricks, etc. That’s why I would suggest you go with SEO agencies that reached you through word of mouth. 

It might be your friend or your business partner or someone whom you met a long time ago. If you trust this person and they say that ABC agency might look small but they helped them with their SEO efforts, go for it. 

I’m not saying take a nosedive into whatever your confidant suggests, but give preference to ‘word of mouth’ companies, because earning a reputation as a good SEO agency is no small thing.  

Set Up an SEO Goal and Hire Agencies That Can Help You With Achieving Them

As I said earlier, you need not have comprehensive knowledge. But, it is important to have some understanding of what SEO can do for your business. With that in mind, learn about it. There are a lot of free online resources such as Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Search Engine Journal, which can help you with the basics. 

Once you understand the basics of it, set goals for your business or entity based on what you know. For example, you can set the goal as ‘I want 3 leads per month through organic traffic. How long will it take for me to reach there?’

You can set goals such as these and then reach for agencies. You know the drill. If they are too enthusiastic and promise 10 leads a month in a short time, you back off for it is a red flag. Set your goals and discuss with agencies the ‘How’ ‘When’ ‘What’ and ‘Why’. 

With basic knowledge, you will know if the agency is telling the truth or just selling a lie. 

Look Into Their Past Performances and Testimonials

The best way to judge if the agency is effective or not is by looking at its past. Check their portfolio and find out their past clients. Visit their website, check their main keywords, and see where they rank for the same. A simple google search would suffice or you can use the free versions of Ubersuggest and SEMrush. 

Contact their past clients and talk to them about their experiences with the particular agency. They don’t have any need to be nice if they had an awful experience. This would give a proper idea of how the agency works and its effectiveness in terms of SEO. 

A genuine SEO agency would be proud of their clientele and display their client’s name as a badge of honor on their website. If the agency has no records of past clientele, it is better that you opt for other agencies. 

Request A Proposal

If you’re satisfied with a given agency and are ready to work with them, there is one last step to follow. Ask the agency to provide you with an SEO proposal. The proposal would contain your current position in terms of SEO and their action plans to improve them. 

You can look into the proposal and modify it in terms of any goals that you want to achieve. After all, it is a partnership and the agency would understand any modification and help you with the proper implementation of the SEO strategy. 

These are some suggestions while hiring an SEO Company. Have you heard of the new saying? ‘An ounce of SEO effort is worth a pound of RoI’. Do not constrain yourself with local SEO agencies. Talk with your agency. Proceed once you are comfortable. It might be a tedious process, but the results are all worth the effort.

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