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5 Ways to Maximize your Urgent Care Collections

urgent care billing

by USHealthCare
Urgent Care Billing

Urgent care clinics and centers mostly have their own team of experts managing urgent care billing. This is why most of the time, urgent care experiences delays in the billing process as they are frequently juggling between billing operations and patient care.

Being a lucrative area, urgent care in fact needs special billers and coding experts who not only help manage operations seamlessly but also someone to ensure no money is lost due to unnecessary claims denial. In fact, here are a few pointers on how to manage your urgent care billing seamlessly and maximize collections while keeping the focus on patient care intact:

  • Have efficient data/ patient information supervision – 83% of claims get rejected due to inaccurate data of patient demographic, insurance information, wrong address and more. This is why standardizing patient data and collections of information becomes crucial and important and also verifying the information should be given equal importance and practiced.

  • Being aware of the present industry mandates – it is essential to be educated on the various changing urgent care billing rules, urgent care codes and different payors’ requirements. As it makes the billing process easy, ensures payment on time and also reduces your chance of errors rate.

  • Put attention to ERAs and EOBs – most of the time focusing on claims, we miss out on the (EOBs) explanation of benefits and electronic remittance advice (ERAs) thus ending up with an error. This is why careful attention should be paid as it not only helps you to collect accurate collections but also faster reimbursement as well.

  • Master your urgent care billing software – being proficient in working on various billing software not only makes your task easy and faster but assists you in keeping track of all submitted claims and also allows you to work on claims efficiently.

  • Careful claims submission action – even with careful attention, you will be shocked to know only 60% of claims are correct whereas 40 % contain errors. This is why experts are necessary to handle as they not ensure timely claims submission but ensure cleaner claims submission reducing your chances of error rate. And all this is possible with constant follow up , communication and an eye for detail which in-house billers lack. This is why today, outsourcing option works as the perfect solution. By handling your rejected claims with constant touch and rectifying the mistake, the outsourcing expert further saves your time while speeding up your payment.

In fact, today outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge has been listed among the top leading RCM organization serving many leading names in the urgent care industry and catering to all its billing needs.

Saving you time, resources and money, the Sunknowledge experts in fact known for reducing your urgent care coding errors, ensuring 99.9% accuracy with stringent checks and balances and being proficient in various billing software and form UB-04 etc while guaranteeing the highest productivity metrics.

Taking care of all your aging accounts and rejected claims, Sunknowledge today help with in faster reimbursement rate and seamless urgent care billing services at only $7 per hour.

So stop wasting your money on wages training fees, billing software etc; when you can give all your billing headache to Sunknowledge Services Inc.

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