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What is Social Media Monitoring and How Does it Work?

Social Media Monitoring Defined

Social media monitoring is a tool used by businesses to listen to what is being said about their brand. This type of media monitoring gives valuable insight for a company — helping to point out things like what people are interested in, current issues, or the latest trends. By doing this, companies can work off of important insights and incorporate this information into their strategies.

A Brief History of Social Media Monitoring

Media monitoring has been around far before the age of social media. From the late 1800s, artists and politicians would scour the newspapers and other media for mentions of themselves. A few companies, like Burrelles, took advantage of this newfound market by offering a newspaper clipping service. This involved looking for specific mentions, cutting or “clipping” them from the paper, and presenting them to the clients. Additionally, Government bodies would also monitor newspapers for public opinion.

As the forms of media changed, so did the Media Monitoring practice. With TV and radio becoming more popular, press monitoring companies began recording and transcribing broadcasts. These transcriptions could then be further analyzed for valuable data.

Technology’s advancement brought about computer programs that monitored various sorts of digital media. This improved the speed and quality of media monitoring. As social media slowly integrated itself into the Internet, a new type of media monitoring soon followed.

The benefits of Social Media Marketing

Aside from contributing to a company’s marketing strategies, the insight gathered from social media monitoring can affect Public Relations by staying on top of the flow of conversation.

The act of social media monitoring isn’t strictly related to social networks; things like personal blogs or discussion forums can also be looked at to gather insight. This makes social media monitoring an important tool for companies to take advantage of. It helps businesses hear what their customers want, identify new opportunities, and make good use of the insights these can bring.

Businesses know how important it can be to engage followers and potential customers on social media. A company that listens to feedback and applies what is being said will gain appreciation — and thus more engagement — from their audience. This is where Social Media Monitoring comes into play. By not checking what is being said or keeping up with the latest information, a company risks being blind to the market around them.

That being said, how does social media monitoring work?

How Social Media Monitoring Works

By using an algorithm to comb through the internet, Social Media Monitoring sorts through different sites for needed information, indexing them afterward. This is a continuous process that can occur in real-time. The Monitoring tool searches for things to analyze, which can include things like replies to posts, comments, product reviews, or other needed data.

After a site is indexed, it can then be searched. Social Media Monitoring tools use queries to look for things a user writes or posts. They are then fed into the tool itself. From there, the data can be analyzed and reviewed.

Aside from popular social media platforms, SMM tools also cover various websites. They look through news articles, reviews, forums, blog posts, and other types of media to ensure full coverage.

What You Can Do with Social Media Monitoring

After data is indexed, searched, and sorted, the information gained from SMM tools can greatly contribute to a brand’s insights. A company can look through valuable data such as:

  • A site’s rankings
  • Topic analysis
  • Query comparisons
  • Sentiment analysis

From there, these can be used to create reports or make the next marketing strategies.

Privacy and SMM

SMM tools can only comb through open, publicly-available information. This means that there is no violation of privacy involved. Social media monitoring cannot cover things like private messages or hidden posts.

Which Social Media Monitoring Tool is Right for You?

With a wide range of SMM tools to choose from, it can be difficult to find a service that covers all of your needs. Every tool will differ in the features they offer.

Burrelles’ Social Media Monitoring Tool gives users a broad range of features that ensure a quality SMM experience. With live tracking and insight monitoring, Burrelles’ SMM tool also includes:

  • Non-stop Brand Monitoring
  • Prioritizing Impactful Conversations
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Resources
  • Organization of Discussions, Mentions, Tweets from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, etc.
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Functionality
  • Email Alerts

Any company would greatly benefit from Social Media Monitoring. The insights it brings to the brand would be hard to live without, especially considering the work that goes into running a business. By listening to public opinion and reviews, a company shows that it cares about a customer’s experience with its brand.

From public opinion to performance data, the insights that Social Media Monitoring offers will be nothing but helpful. Easily-accessible feedback and higher customer satisfaction are only some of the benefits monitoring tools can provide.

If you feel like Social Media Monitoring is something your brand needs, contact us now. We’d be more than happy to show you the high-performing Media Monitoring tools we have to offer!

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