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7 Beautiful & Simple Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

by skywaltz
Indian Wedding Decoration

We Indians are known for our big fat Indian weddings. The pomp and show, the grandeur and sophistication of Indian weddings are famous all over the world. And what makes it different from the rest of the world is that in most parts of the country, wedding celebrations continue for almost a week.

What does an Indian wedding mean?

Indian weddings aren’t just the union of the bride and the groom. It is the amalgamation of two families. When the bride walks down the aisle on the big day, she walks towards a new family instead of just her groom. All the different functions of a wedding bring the two families closer, binding them forever with love, just like the bride and the groom are joined together forever.

Another factor that makes Indian weddings a beautiful and mesmerizing affair are the traditions that are intertwined together to bring out the true essence of a wedding event. The mesmerizing, awe-inspiring rituals are fun-filled and colourful, making the best Indian weddings unique in their own ways. Although Indian weddings have their own traditional decor, a lot of the younger generation is now gradually turning towards themed weddings.

What are Indian wedding themes?

Wedding decor is the first thing your guests will notice the moment they enter the wedding venue. This means that any wedding theme needs to be well thought out and carefully chosen as the theme will dictate the decor. Themes like fairytale weddings, beach weddings, green weddings, and many more wondrous themes are very prevalent these days. Nowadays, the trend of gaudy, extravagant decor is no more sought after. We find most couples wanting simple, elegant, and picturesque themes and decor that adds sophistication to their weddings. With the changing times, couples prefer Indian wedding decorations and wedding themes that look chaste, classic, rustic and pure. We have listed down a few trending simple Indian wedding decoration ideas that are loved by everyone.

Indian wedding decorations

Here are the 7 Indian wedding decorations ideas:

  • Colourful kathputlis: Kathputlis have been a part of the Indian culture since time immemorial. These vibrant, alluring and spunky Indian puppets will attract everyone’s eye and might even end up being the centre of attraction. Easily available in the markets, you can put up kathputlis on the backdrop or hang them for your haldi ceremony, creating a perfect blend of traditions and frolic.
  • Vibrant umbrellas: This is a very creative and eye-catching trend that everyone vouches for. Creating a canopy with bright coloured umbrellas, especially the ones that sport a Rajasthani design, make for the perfect haldi or mehendi decor. Fun to look at, these umbrellas are simplistic yet hold on to the Indian touch impeccably.
  • Elegant bulb decor: Want golden bubbles to drop from the sky? Well, you can get that effect by stringing down bulbs from the roof or tree branches at the venue. Bulbs give a very rustic yet magical look to the decor, bringing you your fairy tale wedding.
  • Picturesque photo booths: Imagine clicking the most memorable photographs that have a splendid background, making each shot look sensational and gorgeous. That is exactly what a beautifully decorated photo booth will do for you. Photo booths have been in trend not only for weddings but for all the different types of social events. Helping all create memories.
  • Canopy tents: As kids, we would often make tents at home with our mother’s sarees and dupattas. So why not add a little bit of childhood to your wedding day? Putting up canopy tents are a simplistic, minimalist yet phenomenal idea for seating arrangements for haldi or mehendi functions. String up some flower garlands along the sides, and you have the perfect little tent for your functions.
  • Flower chandeliers: Even simple Indian wedding decorations are incomplete without the pristine touch of flowers. A flower chandelier not only looks magnificent, it also gives a templous look. Making the ambience a more traditional one while keeping up with the contemporary decor. You can also add real leaves to the flowers to give it a natural touch.
  • Neon signs: Be it a cocktail party, or a sangeet night, neon signs are the best way to add some modernity to our traditional weddings. Quirky and amusing, neon signs will definitely help you lift the spirits high. Light them up and witness the exuberance that they bring in.

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Weddings bring people together. The few days of fun and frolic, the moments of emotions, the memories of closeness, the essence of uniting, these are the aspects that make a wedding come together. The decor is just an accessory that helps build an out-of-the-world experience. Whether you go for grandiose, or simple, aesthetically pleasing Indian wedding decor, it doesn’t matter as long as you have your loved ones by your side.

With that said, we know that a bride always has a lot of dreams for her wedding. If you want your dream wedding to boast of the latest Indian wedding decorations while keeping it simple and quintessential. Then that is exactly what you should aim at getting. At E-Factor Entertainment, we believe in creating your dream wedding. Our well-trained team is exceptionally experienced in taking care of all your needs and requirements. And concocting the ultimate, stellar and unparalleled wedding for you. After all, gifting you your special day is all we want to do.

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