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7 simple tricks to maintain your air conditioner

by Amitkumar
Air Conditioner

There are some easy matters house owners can do to preserve their vital or window-hooked-up air conditioners. These matters preserve your air conditioner unit’s inappropriate operating order and might assist lessen your power use. 

Find air leaks in your home 

Close all of the home windows inside the house, flip off all of the fanatics and exhaust fanatics, and close off the furnace. Light a few incenses and stroll slowly across the outer partitions of the house.

Anywhere you word the smoke blowing far from something or being sucked closer to something, there’s probable an air leak. Now that you’ve observed it, seal it. 

Quiet a noisy Air conditioner

If you have already got a more modern condenser, the worst noise might be coming from the compressor. (Fans on more modern devices are very quiet.)

Contact the Ac Repair in Mumbai professional technician to discover a sound blanket in your version or purchase a standard blanket (seek online for a “compressor sound blanket”). Installation is easy. Don’t trouble to set a blanket on a vintage unit—you’ll nevertheless pay attention to the noisy fan.

Add an in-line Duct booster for home air conditioner units 

If you’ve got forced-air cooling however there’s nevertheless a room that’s warmer than all of the rest, a duct or vent booster fan can boom the go with the drift of cool air into that room.

Two styles of booster enthusiasts are available. An in-line duct booster fan (shown) suits within the duct of the room you’re looking to cool. You mount the fan close to the opening and it mechanically kicks on while your cooling gadget runs. 

Vent and sign-in booster enthusiasts take a seat down without delay on the pinnacle of or update ceiling, ground, or wall registers. Depending on the model, you could set it to function mechanically, manipulate it with a transfer, or function it via way of means of a far-off manipulation. 

Get a programmable thermostat 

A programmable thermostat is a must-have in today’s country of AC technology. Programmable thermostats let you set temperatures for diverse instances all through the day and robotically decrease the temperature while you maximum want it that will help you store cash and manipulate your cooling without continuously soaring over the dial. In this article, we’ll stroll you through putting in a programmable thermostat in your home.

Keep it clean 

Vacuum the fins of your AC unit smoothly with a soft-bristle brush. Note: they’re fragile and may without difficulty be bent or crushed. On many gadgets, you’ll need to unscrew and raise off a metallic container to get at them. Check your owner’s guide for guidelines and raise off the container cautiously to keep away from bumping the fins. 

Fix a sinking home air conditioner pad 

The concrete pads beneath each domestic air conditioner and warmth exchanger devices generally tend to settle over the years. As long as there’s no stress at the copper coolant tubes and electric traces, and the unit remains has sunk. But if it maintains to sink and pulls the traces tight, or if water puddles across the unit, you’ll want to take action by contacting Split Ac Servicing technician.

Consider a Whole-House fan 

whole – house fans have helped cool houses for a century. The primary layout is simple: An attic-hooked-up fan pushes warm air out via attic vents and attracts cooler, out of doors air in via open doorways and windows. This speedy air exchange—huge fanatics can purge a residence of warm air into 3 minutes—now no longer most effective gets rid of built-up warmness however additionally creates a pleasing breeze.


As you could see, there are plenty of factors you could do on the subject of AC maintenance. To hold yourself prepared placed this type of pointers into exercise each day or week. By doing so, you’ll make sure that your AC unit works easily without ingesting an excessive amount of energy.

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