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7 Things to Know About Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

7 Things to Know About Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

by Stevencameron
Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you’re planning to take a flight with Singapore Airlines. There are a few things you should know about their Singapore Air cancellation policy. So that you can make the best decision if something happens and your flight gets cancel or delay. Here are seven key points to keep in mind regarding their ticket cancellation policy

1) An overview of their flight cancellation policy

Singapore Airlines ticket offers refunds or free rescheduling for Singapore Airline Cancelled Flights and uses a tiered approach to determine who gets what. If your flight is cancel, you must call Singapore Airlines support at least seven days prior. After that, they will refund 50% of your airfare if Singapore airline cancellation occurs 60-10 days before departure. At 51-30 days, you’ll get 25% back; 21-10 days, 10%; and 10 days or less, 0%. You can also opt for a free booking onto another Singapore flight within one year.

2) Which flights can be cancel under the policy?

Singapore Airlines cancellation policy is more of a rebooking policy. Flights within 2 hours of departure and between one and three hours for long-haul flights (those with a journey time greater than 3 hours) can be cancel without penalty. You can also cancel up to 24 hours before any flight scheduled on Singapore Airlines website or its subsidiaries SilkAir, Scoot and Tigerair Asia.  Provided you have booked an onward ticket for travel on Singapore Airline number or its subsidiaries. Also note that cancellations must be made by telephone; check-in staff are not allow to do so.

3) What happens if you have booked Economy Class tickets?

If you have purchased Economy Class tickets (including any applicable taxes and fees). And are unable to use them for your scheduled flight. Singapore Airlines will offer you a full refund for your tickets. Your booking will be cancel and Singapore Airlines will re-credit your credit card in full. What happens if you have booked Business Class tickets?: If you have purchased Business Class tickets (including any applicable taxes and fees). And are unable to use them for your scheduled flight. Singapore Airlines will offer you a full refund of all monies paid. This applies only if travel is rebook on flights operate by Singapore Air or its codeshare partners, as well as through our Passenger Sales offices at Changi Airport, or via our contact center or website.

4) What is on-time performance in this case?

Singapore Airlines official website says, If your Singapore Airlines flight is cancel and it is our fault, we will arrange for you to be re-booked on a later flight. If your Singapore Airlines plane is cancel and it is not our fault, we will reimburse you for unused transportation costs. It doesn’t explain what on-time performance means. In its contract of carriage, however, Singapore Air states that airlines are considered on time if they arrive within 15 minutes of schedule.

5) How do they determine what time you arrive at Changi Airport?

When determining if a passenger has arrived on time, Singapore Airlines flights booking takes into account how far away your gate is from your boarding lounge. Passengers arriving within 30 minutes of their departure time will be considered on time. While those arriving after that will not be allowed to board their flight. If you are delayed by a Singapore Airlines ticket cancellation or rescheduling, you may check in at a kiosk or with an agent up until 90 minutes before your scheduled departure and still have time for boarding. You won’t have as much cushion as if you were departing on schedule; however, it’s still worth trying since airlines will bend their rules for weather Singapore airlines cancellation.

6) How do they determine your Singapore Airlines destinations map when cancelling your journey?

​In cases where you cancel your journey before departure or if you decide not to travel after departure. Singapore Airlines my booking will apply its ticket fare according to whether your destination is considered domestic or international. If you have paid in Flight sg dollars (SGD), it will be calculated at SGD rates. If you have paid in another currency, please refer as per applicable exchange rate for that day. ​Domestic destinations include all destinations within Singapore as well as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. International destinations include all other international countries and airlines linke Emirates Airlines territories which are outside of these regions. This includes flights departing from Changi Airport’s Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB) located in East Singapore Airlines reservations and Flying Kangaroo’s Sydney (SYD) base located within Australia.

7) Where can I find more information about this flight cancellation policy?

Singapore Airlines manage booking has a lot of information on their website for Singapore Airlines. They even have a page specifically for flight Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy, where you can find details about all of their routes and any potential disruptions, as well as policies in place to help you through it. You can also search for your specific route by entering it into their search bar and clicking find flights. While you’re doing that, enter your travel dates, too. If there are other flights that are potentially more convenient or less expensive during those days. They’ll show up in addition to the original search results. That’s a great way to weigh your options!

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