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8 Awesome Things to do in Oranjestad, Aruba

by Manish Nigam
Things to do in Oranjestad

On the southern side of the island of Aruba, Oranjestad is a vibrant city with a variety of activity options. In the city, there are a number of exciting things to do in Oranjestad for tourists including those that see the shore against a backdrop of brightly-colored sky. If you don’t plan to visit Aruba in the near future, possibly you may not recognize Oranjestad. The center of Aruba has been revitalized thanks to ongoing efforts both by locals and tourists, and citizens are sure to see further improvements in the years to come. Hence, to enjoy a classic beach holiday, book your cheap flights to Oranjestad around April to June (the summer season) and make sure eot carry your beach wardrobe.

Enjoy the Best Things to do in Oranjestad, Aruba

1. Plaza Daniel Leo

The downtown grid is also accented by numerous brand-new city parks. These are intended to make the downtown community seem like lungs and also for providing beautiful views of the city skyline, with fountains and benches. Watch people enjoying the fantastic ambience at Plaza Daniel Leo or relax on the open shores of Linear Park. A new stop is called in the Plaza of Boulevard Paarden Baai, and there is also a stop in the Plaza of Plaza Nicky called Coffee Break Aruba.

2. Linear Park

Aruba is creating the longest linear trail in the Caribbean with a paved pathway of great usability for walking, jogging, biking, and sightseeing. The trail transfers passengers from the airport terminal to the beach and extends to downtown Oranjestad with dozens of rest stations, refreshment stands, and dining facilities along the layout. The welcoming main park plaza has morphed into a popular outdoor venue for marathons, yoga, and cultural festivals. You can book your flights from New York to Oranjestad with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip.

3. Bon Bini Festival

The national Bon Bini Festival taking place at the Fort Zoutman Amphitheater in Oranjestad, Aruba, features a variety of culinary delights, local music, and art forms held every Tuesday. There are many recreational opportunities at the Queen Wilhelmina Park throughout the year. On the occasion of Crazy Wednesday, the royal family sponsors a free show weekly. There are various live events across the metropolitan area, including downtown dining and restaurant weeks, as well as various street-trip festivals.

4. Market

Adjacent to the town square, the new local grocery store has turned into a well-loved destination for tourists and citizens alike. With numerous open stalls sheltered from the elements, it was popular and could not find locally made merchandise and affordable Aruba souvenirs. The owners at the site encourage local artisans to share their products there, so you can discover specialty items made from sand, wood, paint, seashells, and all sorts of other delightful hand-made keepsakes. You’ll also be able to find tasty food on-site, including BBQ and fresh fruit juice, and there’s ample parking as well.

5. Shopping

Oranjestad has long been a hotbed for patrons looking to purchase extravagant necklaces, gold, silver, precious gemstones, or Swiss watch watches and designer clothes at very good price levels. But established businesses operating among today’s modern shopping centers, such as the Renaissance, are also benefiting from an influx of new patrons. Specialty stores are also moving into the new malls like Margarita Plaza, filling them with brand-name apparel, sport apparel, baby items, footwear, and cosmetics and perfumes for men.

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6. Arts

 The downtown Cosecha building is another space at which Aruban artists and crafters can display and sell their work. There are several cool new outdoor sculptures scattered about the downtown area, such as Blue Horse, a sculpture that pays homage to the island’s famous past as a horse-trading port. And check out Korteweg’s Facebook page to see when it’s worth turning up on a street corner and watching a cityscape transform from drab to magical.

7. Dining

Aruba has more than a hundred superb eating destinations spread across its varied region. The Renaissance Market, located there, holds various eateries ready to accommodate all kinds of tastes. New options in the establishment include Salt Fish for fresh fish and Sidebar for mouthwatering burgers and classy bourbon drinks. 

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