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A Detailed Guide About Applying your Post-Graduate Work Permit

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What is a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

An international student who graduated from a reputed designated Institute can apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada. It will assist them in working anywhere in Canada. In addition, candidates can apply for their work permits within 180 days of graduation.

Consequently, students who have already received the Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada can stay for three years maximum as the PGWP enables the student to get closer to achieving permanent resident status.

Post-Graduate Work Permit will become your best friend

  1. Increases stay for three years.

Well, successfully getting a PGWP can assist you in staying in Canada for three years, which eventually opens up doors for your dream career and living your life on your terms.

In addition, if you have already studied in Canada, you and your family will be benefited from world-class education along with a high quality of life.

  1. Gain tremendous working experience in your specific field

Undoubtedly, professional growth in Canada focuses on gaining new experiences, knowledge, and skills in your particular area. It will help you continuously improve your career path and thus reach your dream destinations. Canada is a multicultural and diverse country with massive support to help you and your family achieve your dream destination.

  1. Safe & Secure Environment 

Many people prioritize safety & security counts as the essential benefits, and Canada is considered one of the most peaceful countries globally. Canada is a peaceful nation with low crime rates as they promote equal opportunity for all in multiple areas of life. Therefore, it is one of the safest and most secure destinations to work and gain colossal working experience.

  1. A great relief from the pandemic in 2022

We all have spent the last two years in the pandemic, and as a student, you couldn’t explore much, so now is the time. Canada has many beautiful places to visit, so Canada can be the best option for you if you plan a vacation trip.

Along with the municipal and countless provincial lands, Canada has a vast national park system with world-renowned sites like Jasper and Banff. In addition, Canada’s natural environment shapes the country’s geography and enhances the experience of living and traveling here.

  1. You can work anywhere in Canada as per your own choice

Canada is a great place to work as it has a comparatively lower unemployment rate than the US, especially among young people. In addition, the country also provides decent Healthcare, paid holidays, and paid leave to all workers. So, you can work anywhere in Canada as your prior experience or choice.

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 Eligibility Criteria  to Apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit

To apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit, you-

  • Must have a valid study permit along with the correct visitor record.
  • Must have maintained full-time study status for each semester except the final semester, which can be part-time.
  • Suppose a student has completed a particular course requiring eight months via an accelerated program within six months. In that case, they may be eligible to apply for Canada Post-study work visa.
  • By extending their stay via Visitor card, a candidate can apply for a Canada Post-study work visa or come back to the native country and then apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

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