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A Guide To Fix Twitch Black Screen Issue

by Ashish123

So, 15000000 daily active users today initially featured only video games but lately, it has expanded its content to include artwork music, and TV shows among others although this is a solid platform there are instances when certain issues can occur there are several factors that can cause this particular problem ranging from a DNS that isn’t working to a server issue.

In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series, we will tackle the twitch black screen issue but make sure you are using proper https www twitch tv activate.

How to fix which black screen issue. Or performing any of the recommended troubleshooting steps listed below it’s best to restart your computer first this action refreshes the operating system and removes any corrupt temporary data that could be causing the problem.

Google’s DNS

First, try using Google’s DNS. If the DNS that your computer is not working then try to use Google’s DNS. To do this press the Windows key plus R. on your keyboard to open the run dialog box. Then at the run dialog box type control panel enter or click on okay. Also, check the solution for twitch error 2000.

Then the control panel select network and sharing center. Then click on change adapter settings you will be directed to a new page. Then right-click on the network you are using to go to its properties. Next scroll down and select internet protocol version 4 T. C. P. I. P. V. 4.

Then click on properties. Next in the property section click on use the following DNS server addresses. Preferred DNS server 28.8.8. And said alternate DNS server to Then press OK to save changes and exit.

Restart your computer

Next, restart your computer. Check-in which black screen issue still occurs. Next turning off hardware acceleration is a feature that improves the performance of applications however there are instances when it can cause certain issues to check if this is what’s causing the problem you should try turning off hardware acceleration.

To do this open Google chrome. Then click on the 3 dots present at the top right side of the screen. Then when the drop-down menu has opened click on settings near the end of the menu. At the settings, section scrolls down to the very end and click on advanced.

Then the advanced section goes to the system tab. Under it uncheck the option which says use hardware acceleration when available. Next pre-launch your browser. Check it’s a twitch black screen issue still occurs.

Reset the network configurations

Next, reset the network configurations since this problem can be caused by an issue with the network settings then it’s best to reset the network configuration of your computer. To do this at the search bar on the type of your window, and prompt.

Then right-click on, and prompt and click run as an administrator of prompt messages here if you allow the staff to make changes to your device click on yes.

The, and prompt section type these,nds. Config slash flash content press center. Config slash renew then press center. Next, restart your computer. Check it’s a twitch black screen issue still occurs.

Final Words

Lastly, check your router in the browser in case the above steps fail to fix the problem then you should perform the following steps to make sure the router does not have a firewall setting that is blocking javascript. I tried to reset the router by unplugging it and leaving it off for a minute before plugging it back in. Try to disable all extensions and plugins on your browser.

Make sure your flash player in javascript is enabled on your computer. Enable TLS on your computer. Avoid using proxies or VPNs. Check if the twitch black screen issue still occurs. After following the methods mentioned you have successfully fixed which black screen issue. I hope that this guy has been helpful please support us by subscribing to our channel don’t forget to hit the notification bell.

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