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APC UPS & Emergency Power Selection

by Waheed Ahmad

APC’s industry-leading emergency power solutions help prevent downtime, data loss, and damage to network equipment in the event of a power outage. The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems provide temporary emergency power so that mission-critical equipment can continue to run or be safely switched off. They also protect against peak voltage and fluctuations in the power grid. An APC UPS is therefore indispensable in any business environment.


Why UPS emergency power?


Continuation of business in the event of a power outage

Prevents data loss and damage to equipment

Protects against overvoltage

Prevents economic damage


In the KommaGo range you will find UPS systems from the APC Back-UPS and Smart-UPS series, but also peripherals such as power distribution units (PDU), racks, surge protectors, and replacement batteries. Use the selection aid on this page to find the right UPS model for your situation.


Back-UPS series

The UPS systems from the APC Back-UPS series are suitable for smaller network equipment such as PCs, routers, and NAS up to 2.2 kVA (1200W). The models with shutdown function can automatically shut down devices when the power supply is lost. In addition, there are Back-UPS PRO models that have extra features, such as an LCD screen and Easy Battery Change.


For equipment up to 2.2 kVA (1200W)

Single device shutdown via USB (PC or NAS)

Smart-UPS series

The APC Smart-UPS series is suitable for network equipment such as servers, storage systems and switches up to 5 kVA (4kW). You can choose from models that can control one or more servers in the event of a power failure. There are also models with ‘extendable runtime’: you can easily extend the bridging time (runtime) with external battery modules.

For servers, storage, and switches – up to 5 kVA (4KW)

Compatible with server OSs and

Shutdown multiple devices available via network

Long runtime available

Available in tower and rack mount  variant

Smart-UPS On-Line series

The advanced Smart-UPS On-Line offers maximum availability for servers, storage, and switches with a capacity of up to 20 kVA. The UPS systems are available in both tower and rack-mountable variants. You can also choose from models with modern lithium-ion batteries and you can easily extend the bridging time (runtime) with external battery modules.

In addition to all Smart-UPS features, it offers:

Very high availability (internal bypass + double conversion)

Li-ion batteries and 3-phase compatibility (400V) are available

For servers, storage, and switches – up to 20 kVA (16KW)

Generator compatible

Smart-UPS Li-ion series

The Smart-UPS Li-ion series consists of advanced UPS systems with built-in Li-ion batteries. The advantage is that the battery lasts no less than 2x as long and you, therefore, have to replace it less often than a standard battery. You get a 5-year warranty on both the battery and the UPS. A Smart-UPS Li-ion is suitable for servers, storage, and switches up to 3 kVA (2.7 kW). 

Network & IT infrastructure

For business use, APC offers various Smart-UPS for the protection of servers, storage devices, and switches, among other things. Capable of up to 5 KVa, these smart UPSs are the most chosen products for protecting hardware. Features of these Smart-UPSs include an optional extensible runtime and the ability to manage multiple devices over a network. Furthermore, these products are compatible with server OSs. The Smart-UPS can be classified as follows:

APC Smart-UPS fixed runtime single server management

APC Smart-UPS fixed runtime multiple server management

APC Smart-UPS extendable runtime multiple server management

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