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Are You Like Chocolates as Medication, A Detailed Discussion Is Here?

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Ever stuck for which chocolate to buy? No? Us neither. But just in case you ever find yourself in a bind of colossal decision-making proportions, we’re here to help you differentiate between some of the main supermarket selections….as well as an unexpected option that could be worth your consideration. 


The old favourite. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…right? Have there been any movie nights, game nights or sleepovers that haven’t been accompanied by a block of Cadbury chocolate? With more flavours than you’d ever know what to do with (and with no sign of slowing down), Cadbury is the easiest choice. Heavily associated with feelings of nostalgia, everyone has got their favourite block. 


A fan of quality? Well then this, surely, is your go-to. Direct from Switzerland (probably), you can actually taste the superiority. So much so that it is possibly one of the few things you can pick up from Coles that would pass as a sufficient gift for any occasion. With fancy flavours that you would expect of a European export, they’re really catering to every palette with their indulgent blend of vanilla, caramel notes within the chocolate. It’s the piece of Switzerland we can have while we can’t actually be there. And it comes at a fraction of the cost, too. 


Well, a commitment to 100% responsibly sourced palm oil really leaves us no choice, does it? Their devotion to the preservation of the orangutans deserves equal devotion from us, to them. As a very similar, but fractionally less popular version of Cadbury, Nestle has created flavours different enough from their rival to stand securely on their own. And besides, they came up with Smarties encased in chocolate. Chocolate in chocolate, don’t mind if we do. 


At first, this would not strike you as your first choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. But can you think of any other chocolate that will work so hard for you, whilst also scratching an itch (so to speak). Combantrin is obviously not the most economical choice, but it has a strong selling point in that it doubles as medication. In fact, as far as selling is concerned, they probably lead with that. Sure, you would not sit on the couch, pull up your Netflix and stuff your face with a box of Combantrin while you catch up on Emily In Paris…for medical reasons as well as economic. But the dual purpose really sets it apart from the market. Eat the choc, kill the threadworm. There are no losers here (except for the threadworm). 


For the ones who need their chocolate to be organic, this is a clear (and perhaps your only) choice. As one of the newer organic chocolates to be picked up by chain supermarkets, Pana is plant based and gluten free. Stemming from the conservative chocolate bar, it now comes in block, spread and ice cream form. Their flavours are unusual, but delicious. You can barely taste the gigantic absence of gluten.

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