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Best Massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs )games

by helpkhan
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We bring to your attention the top free MMORPGs that you can play today.

The MMORPG genre is going through hard times – new games in this segment are released less and less. However, there is still a decent amount of quality and well-researched projects that find loyal fans.


In October 2019, this long-awaited project from the Korean studio Tripod finally made it to the open beta stage in USA.

The main feature of the game is the combination of the classic 2.5D camera and the familiar “tanks-DD-healers” class system (there are 18 classes in total in the game, each of which belongs to one of these archetypes) with modern game mechanics like phasing (when, when completing a quest, part of the open location becomes a mini-instance), a system of relations with NPCs (you can pump them not only with the help of quests, but also using emotions and other actions of the character) and an interactive environment in battles with bosses.


This game is the most “paid” of all the free projects on our list. Until 2016, you could only play EVE for free for a few weeks – after that you had to pay for a subscription. Now, with some restrictions, you can play without donation as much as you like. However, no one bothers to accumulate enough in-game credits and pay for a full-fledged account with their help – this opportunity has been here almost from the very beginning.

Regardless of the account you choose, grandiose space battles, a magnificent simulation of the galactic economy, a huge amount of content and almost endless leveling await you – no one has been able to fully learn all the available skills in the 16 years of the project’s existence.


Contrary to prophecy, Neverwinter has not become another banal Asian MMORPG with all the consequences or just a modified version of D&D Online. The game received a lot of accolades, found a huge number of loyal fans and is consistently included in all the tops of the drifting games unblocked.

When generating a character, the player is offer a wide selection of races and classes, and the game itself suggests which class suits you best, taking into account racial predispositions. As you level up, a lot of opportunities open up: dungeons and arenas, a complex and interesting crafting system , unlimited useful professions, companions ready to support the character in battle, and even creating quests on your own.



Sometimes fans of the genre MMORPGs joke that the world is divide into World of Warcraft fans and Lineage fans. In many ways, game universes are similar, but there are significant differences. For example, PvP in Linear is much more hardcore: if you hit someone, a conflict is already brewing that can turn into a massacre with dozens of victims. Guilds here often unite not so much to roam the dungeons MMORPGs , kill monsters and knock out equipment and other useful things from them, but to arrange large-scale battles in which the blood of one’s neighbor flows in streams.

Lineage has all the elements of a classic MMORPG : choice of race and class when generating a character, development paths, the possibility of solo leveling and group PvE and PvP campaigns, thousands of quests and other features for which we love such projects.



The long-suffering world is split in two. In one part of it, where dense forests grow, full-flowing rivers flow, birds sing and butterflies flutter, the Elyos settled. In another, where lifeless deserts stretch, darkness and hopelessness reign, the Asmodeans live. And in the Abyss, stretched between the two parts of the world, the Balaur live, trying to maintain at least some balance.

Despite the rather nice and well-designed graphics, the game is not particularly demanding, so it is also suitable for weak PCs. There is a choice of seven classes, almost everyone at level 10 has the opportunity to develop one of two class specializations. At the same stage, you can get wings, and after another 15 levels, participate in drifting games unblocked. Also pleasing are the advanced options for customizing the appearance of the character, so there is hardly a chance to meet your double.

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