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Best things to do in Hawaii 2022 : Ultimate Guide

by tekla
things to do in Hawaii

A truly rewarding experience, Hawaiian vacations inspire nature lovers, it re-establishes human connections, and it adds a touch of color and vibrance in your life. Hawaii gives back ~ malama! But when you tread the malama path, you create a bond, an unforgettable enriching experience of a lifetime. This state in the US offers ample opportunities to do good. Be it planting of trees, cleaning short stretches of the beach, or engaging in the many volunteering activities, you can feel the Hawaiian vibe of giving selflessly and experience it too. 

Nature and the people

Each Hawaiian island has its own personality. Nature, the people, the vibe and the allure of the ocean, all make it a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. The culture here establishes a sense of connection with nature and its natives and also teaches you the spirit of aloha that shows you to be compassionate and nurture a sense of responsibility towards the generations to come. These teachings come from their music, arts, chants, hula and other cultural practices such as sheer Hawaiian hospitality. 

If you plan to visit these fascinating islands, be prepared to taste its richness and its various flavors. If you are looking for some of the best things to do in Hawaii on your vacation here, you can’t go wrong by choosing either of the islands. Be it Oahu, Kauai, lanai, Maui or Molokai, they bring forth ultimate bliss. 

Whether it is your first visit for your tenth, some adventures leave an impression in your mind. The enthralling geology of the islands is dotted with volcanoes, lava tubes, ancient petroglyphs and so much more. The Big Island is the youngest and the biggest in size, and holds many exciting phenomena to behold. 

Adventurous things to do in Hawaii

If you are the adventurous kind, you can shun the four wheels and get on your foot. Instead of driving through the attractions, hike them. However, always seek expert guidance before you venture into something new. It is always good to have a hand of help during the toughest times, and information when you need it the most. 

While you get a hang of the amazing things to do in Hawaii, you would want to prolong your stay. Apart from nature’s bounty, the state urges you to explore the beaches, the jungles, diving spots, waterfalls and surf the waves of the ocean. That apart, you would also love to partake in the exciting cultural events such as luau, educate yourself about the rich history of the land, or dig into the delectable cuisine of the oceanside paradise.


Visit Volcanoes National Park

The daredevils can get on the two wheelers for a fascinating ride and Kilauea Volcano offers a great opportunity to ride downhill and witness the gorgeous Volcanoes National Park on the way. For further excitement, one can book boat tours that afford unique views from the waters, of coastal waves, waterfalls and natural arches.

Waterbabies can take a trip down the ocean. Snorkeling is a habit here, and one can snorkel the Tunnels at Kauai for the best experience here. For those that love to dip their toes in the warm sands can comb the beaches or rest by the palm-lined sands. 

Those that have a soaring imagination can really take off on a chopper tour to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning vista down below. Its an epic allure of the extraordinary to experience the valleys, the oceans and the many givings of nature from up above the sky. 

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