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Content Marketing Trends in 2022

by DMP

More and more people are relying on the internet to look for the things and services they need. Because of this reliance, marketers must ensure they can reach their target customers and retain them to improve engagement. Relying on a social media management agency in the Philippines is one way that will help businesses reach their target audiences and accommodate them.

The current content marketing trends today involve:

  • Using interactive content over static material
  • Optimizing content for voice search
  • Using infographics
  • Empathic marketing

Because most people are around social media these days, relying on social media marketers will help businesses connect with their customers.

Interactive content is more easily integrated into social media posts than in standard websites and blog posts. However, social media marketers will still have the necessary experience handling interactive content. They can also use previously posted blogs for interactive social media posts, especially when existing content has been optimized with infographics.

When both old and new content is optimized with infographics, they can effectively improve customer retention since people are more attracted to images than plain text. A social media marketing company Philippines can better take advantage of this content to attract site visitors from social media platforms or to focus on marketing services there.

Besides using interactive content and infographics for existing content, marketers must also keep in mind to optimize their content for voice search. Because most people are also taking advantage of mobile technology advancements by searching for services through voice, it’s important to ensure a brand’s visibility through voice search. Marketers will need to focus their resources on creating value-driven content that can be picked up by voice search technology.

Another trend that marketers will need to keep in mind and implement in their marketing strategies is empathic marketing. Marketers will need to imagine the world through the eyes of their target customers and make value-driven content accordingly. They can learn more from Digital Marketing Philippines’ infographic about current content marketing trends this year.

Content Marketing Trends

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