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Emirates Airlines – How to Check In for Your Flight

Emirates Airlines - How to Check In for Your Flight

by Stevencameron
Check in Emirates

Emirates Airways is one of the largest and most recognized airlines in the world. With over 70 million passengers carried in 2017 alone on their fleet of over 250 airplanes. Emirates Airlines destinations all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America. If you need to check in for your Emirates Airlines flight. Follow these instructions to make sure you’re ready to go before you get to the airport.

How do I check-in?

Fly with the Emirates Airlines Website and check-in online, or go to your local Emirates Flight Ticket office if you’re close by. You can check-in up to 30 days before your flight. You can find out if there are any extra charges on your airline ticket during Emirates check-in (on top of what you’ve already paid). This is called a government air tax or departure tax. And it depends on where you’re flying Emirates from and what time of year it is. To keep things smooth at Emirates Airlines check-in, print out your boarding pass before arriving at the airport, but make sure you have a valid ID.

The hours you need to check in

Emirates Skywards, like many major airlines, allows you to Emirates online checkin up to 24 hours before your flight departs. Here’s what you need to know: You’ll enter information including your name, email address and passport number. You will also have a chance to select seats at that time; but if you don’t want Emirates cheap flights seating information right away, simply go back later (or let Emirates assign your seat for you). If your flight is less than six hours from departure when you Emirates Airlines check in online, don’t worry—you can print out an electronic boarding pass and skip going to the airport altogether.

What happens if your travel plans change?

Emirates airlines allows you to change your travel plans with 24 hours notice before a flight. If your departure time changes by more than two hours, you will be required to buy a new ticket. To change or cancel your reservation, visit Emirates website and complete Your Booking section on top of page. Fill in Traveler Information and click on Continue button below. Scroll down until you see section called: Manage my booking or check-in for my flights and click on I would like to make a change/cancel my reservation(s) link under Actions column.

When should you print your boarding pass?

One of our travel experts gave us some handy advice on printing your boarding pass. It’s a good idea to print your boarding pass at home if you have plenty of time before your flight. This way, you avoid standing in line at an airport kiosk or a check-in counter, she explained. You also run less risk of going through airport security, picking up checked luggage and getting frisked by TSA agents. In short: When in doubt, print it out early! That said, there are exceptions to every rule—especially when checking in with Emirates Airlines website. The airline encourages passengers to not print their boarding passes until they get closer to their departure date and time.

What do you need when checking in?

If you’re flying Emirates Airlines, be sure to have your travel itinerary handy, as well as your Emirates Airlines number and personal details. You’ll also need a credit card and photo ID (such as a passport) before you Check in Emirates at an airport or at kiosks. If your flight is overbooked or Emirates canceled, or if there’s some other type of problem with your flight, know that you can reschedule on most flights with no additional fee within 24 hours of buying your ticket. This policy typically extends up to Emirates 24 hour cancellation before take-off but there are some exceptions. You will want to double-check these policies when booking if it’s especially important that you not miss a certain flight.

What are the baggage rules?

Emirates Airlines baggage policy is fairly standard, with a few exceptions. First off, one bag per person is free of charge. But be aware that if you bring more than one bag—even if they are both small and fall under your weight limit—you will be charged extra fees for every single piece of checked luggage you bring with you (the cost varies depending on where in Europe you’re flying from). Also note that when flying Emirates from countries outside of Europe and with other flights like Spirit Airlines, one bag must weigh less than 23kg (50 pounds). If it doesn’t, it won’t get checked until after security. If it does exceed 50 pounds, then an additional charge will apply.

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