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I would absolutely recommend anyone that unfortunately USB Mike’s offer a lot of control so if you’re looking to adjust the compression or EQ or you know maybe a structure to you’re gonna want an excellent like should I get a custom overlay not first that takes time and money get yourself a camera Mike lights and then an overlay in that order. Also, check the twitch error 2000.

Where’s the best place to mount my webcam to my screen I don’t like the top-mounted webcam look where everybody’s looking at your forehead if you can pick up a cheap webcam clamp from Amazon flip to the side of your monitor people are always going to feel more comfortable.

If they’re on the same I. levels you how can I improve filling the silence in my stream talking to the chat as much as possible playing with friends that you’re talking to a lot of music in the background quietly but enough to fill the silence should I use a green screen that kind of depends on where you’re streaming. Also, Check- twitch AdBlock if you are facing ads problem.

Cool green screen effects

If you’re streaming from a closet or want to use some really cool green screen effects your green screen just don’t use a green screen because it’s easier at what point is it a good choice to ban someone from the chat then people can bring in negative aspects your chat especially.

If they feel like they’re walking on eggshells around you don’t ever been someone because they hurt your feelings laughter the trolls be a bigger person than if that person is bringing the quality of your chat down is harming the experience for everyone else and chat and you give in the morning then how can I get copyright free music.

So my boss doesn’t give muted don’t worry about it nobody watches bots when your brand new ones which sacrificing some of the ideas for your body to make your live stream more entertaining absolutely how do I set up a custom transition in OBS the right internet.

So you’ll see a scene transitions area hit the plus button and a new stinger transition set your transaction point to be a place where the entire screen is taken up by a transition and it also recommend setting your audio faced all the cross streets that were your voices fading out waiting transitions.

Minor adjustments in HTML

How do I use your Charmander sub alert for a follower instead download the original WebM and MP 3 file from the discord upload it to new followers and moxie go to the edit page of my Charmander sub-copy the HTML and CSS paste them into your followers making minor adjustments in HTML of what the words actually displaying you should be good games to avoid.

When your brand new streamer I’d recommend not streaming the biggest gain because would be 1000 people down on the list and on the find you. I also recommend not streaming the obscure games that nobody watches find the middle ground games of a good fan base since the fight.

How can I set up multiple alerts for a single event like followers this is the kind of thing I’d recommend moxie for their multiple alert package set up is really clean and simple for this kind of thing all you have to do is create multiple alert packages with the same alert type in each 1 I have a 1 PC set up.

Should I encode with X. 264 N. B. N. C. I open up task manager had more details in their performance if your CPU has more headroom available include X. 264 if your GPU is more headroom available treatment and B. and C.

But really you’re not going to let you try their arguments on the internet about which 1 is higher quality it’s all garbage do which 1 works better for your PC should I get a 1 PC streamer to PC stream every 1 you can afford how do I grow on the switch there are channels dedicated into his question.

Stream live to stream elements

But the best short answer creates great content on other social media platforms then leave those viewers to your twitch channel trailer to make my own custom alerts only if it’s something you’re really passionate about learning there are plenty of decent alerts you can get for free on websites like stream live to stream elements.

How can I tell if my camera and audio or out of sync the easiest way to tell for sure is to clap on stream however I recommend getting a stake second channel?

So you’re not testing your audio in front of your viewers how do I fix this my videos ahead of my audio you to delay your video feed you right-click on your camera source go to filters the top plus button click on video delayed and start changing the milliseconds to learn 61 of my audio is ahead of my video.

Then you need to delay your microphone click on the little gear next year Mike source in the mixer good advanced audio properties underneath the sink offset start adding and subtracting milliseconds until they’re in sync what do you recommend for a camera upgrade get a light on a new camera a $50 camera with a $50 light is gonna look 100 times better than $1000 camera with no light get a light should have a mouse and keyboard camera.

Sure you have an actual camera just make sure it’s not distracting is. Sign of the mouse and keyboard camera has to complement your current design make sure you keep your mouse and keyboard camera smaller than your face character, not your skin look at your hands.

What’s the first piece of equipment I should buy for my string as soon you have everything you need to capture and stream your gameplay properly first thing you get is a camera what’s the second piece a good Mike a link below that third piece gets some kind of cheap photography lighting fourth piece yourself a personalized overlay on fiber.

Games overlay

Something like that and I would recommend getting a solid between games overlay before you spend money on a camera border gameplay over lazy to be super simple or the distracting having a solid between games overlay puts you at a whole new tier for your viewers.

How do you have different transitions for different scenes right click on the scene that you want to transition to go to transition over right and click on the transition you want to use specifically for that scene my camera looks a little dull and washed out right-click on your camera source go to filters add color correction turn up the contrast and saturation.

Just a little bit my voice is fuzzy crackling on stream especially when I’m loud you are peaking when your audio levels get turned up louder than the maximum audio sandwich the edges of the sound waves are getting cut off causing jagged lines in yourself.

How do you get tweets that you show up on stream tweet alerts that TV stream live stream elements are moxie they should probably be a video on its own all 3 of these different advantages stream levels like a one-stop-shop and it’s very simple and easy to set upstream elements allows you to do a couple more advanced options?

Like consolidating all your browser sources into one if you’re willing to spend a little extra time learning how it works moxie is by far the best and simplest way to get advanced alerts as I have but that’s pretty much all it can do if you want anything else you’re gonna have to use a different service.

Advanced stream

I personally like a really simple but advanced stream so I go with moxie but it’s really all about what floats your boat should I stream every day absolutely not if your brand if your string for one person at the bottom of the list nobody’s gonna find you you’re not gonna grow through wasting your time keep a job a social life anything you need to keep you on your feet and saying aside from that try to grow using your creativity sitting out of. Video games for 8:00 hours a day.

Calling it a grind is on the ground it’s just lazy do you have any tips for people trying to make their own overlays make hundreds you’re not gonna find your signature style on your first creation make one use it for a while decide what you like about the overlay decide what you want to change about your life.

Then make a new one and yet over and over and over lyrics and some other populations don’t have a webcam why do you say I need one you aren’t lyric is the exception not the rule success on twitch is rare enough as it is to make it harder on yourself by trying to be the exception give yourself every chance to succeed.

Once you’re big view my guest you’re the webcam how do I find collaborations find them on twitch and discord I made a video on it I will put a link in the description below should I mimic my favorite streamer or try to be original look here’s the deal you’re not going to discover your brand right from the beginning.

There’s nothing wrong with observing yourself and seeing Hey I need to change this about my online personality if you want this to turn into a profitable business you have to be a businessman about it so find your favorite streamers that you want to embody and try to embody that person.

Find a streamer

Find a streamer that you look up to you enjoy watching try to embody some of their personality quirks over time to find out what works with your personality and doesn’t move on to another Schumer finds me for favorite personality quirks that person see if it works for you explore your potential of who you can be don’t be ashamed to be introspective and recognize.

You might have some personality quirks that don’t work on him that’s okay it is possible to change those things and still be you should I do a giveaway like if you’re calling it 100 subs and you can afford to give away a mouse or controller be my guest.

But if you’re brand new streaming you’re giving away your only income on these things I can tell you right now my giveaways very few of the followers that have come from giveaways state after the giveaways or spend that money on a better-looking stream and higher quality production.

The giveaway should really be less of a bring new people in kind of thing and more of us thank you to those who have already been a member rich which family for a long time should I start a YouTube channel yes should I make compilations of my own strength.

No there are 1000000 channels making terrible clip compilations do something creative should I try other platforms like mixer yes smaller platforms know that their biggest user base is small streamers and so they make a much larger effort to make your channel discoverable much more than twitch does.


Just make sure you don’t like the new platform you transfer to solve all your problems immediately if you switch to mixer make sure your results are the best streamer on Sir how do I get my overly to change colors during falls and subs out kind of like I mentioned earlier in the article about using the system like moxie to have multiple alerts.

Make one of those alerts and animation of your overly changing colors and place it right on top of your okay and then have the other alerts be your normal what’s something I can do to make my stream more interesting ask yourself what’s one thing you are good at besides playing video games search that thing on you to see if you find anybody doing that thing in interesting ways.

You can incorporate that into your street and that’s just one idea there are 1000000 things you can do should I do a 24-hour stream yes people love the hype how do I make money streaming look you’re streaming for less than 10 people you’re trying to ask how to make money streaming.

You’re never going to grow you are not going to make money for a while sure have your bits and your donation set up in case people want to support so your focus right now should be gross money will come in the future should I try to follow for following delete your Twitter account.

What image file types to use for an overlay PNG’s have a transparent layer J. takes do not use a PNG can anybody make it on twitch yes anybody has a potential career on twitch there will be some easy natural growth for some and for others kind of like myself that will take a lot of self-perspective change and creativity.


But it is just not in the cards for anybody what’s the best mountain dew citrus cherry don’t at me my stream is lagging is on my computer my internet look at the bottom right corner of OBS if you see your kilobits per second dipping below what you set it to it’s your internet.

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