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GRE vs LSAT – An Overview to Aid Students in Making a Better Choice

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Most universities advise taking the LSAT if you want to be considered for admission to a law program at any study abroad location. However, international students looking to enroll in graduate schools overseas frequently choose the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), one of the most prominent exams available. So, the question on most students’ minds is, is the GRE or LSAT Harder? This article gives you a basic overview of LSAT vs. GRE to make it easier to choose between them.


LSAT vs GRE – what are they?

All American Bar Association-approved law schools in the United States and some non-ABA-approved law schools internationally require candidates to give the Law School Admission Test or LSAT.

The Law School Admission Council, or LSAC, first administers the LSAT exam, with most law schools in the US, Canada, and Australia using LSAT scores as admission criteria.

Most colleges accept the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), a graduate-level general test, for entrance to graduate programs. The way the test is set up makes it possible to evaluate the pupils’ verbal and mathematical abilities.

The Educational Testing Agency (ETS), a private, non-profit organization based in the US, created and originally administered this entrance exam. There are two exam formats: paper-based and online.

LSAT vs. GRE – What do Law schools prefer

Even though the American Bar Association’s (ABA) guideline permitting law schools to accept GRE scores is a relatively recent one, certain law schools, including prestigious schools, have been allowing candidates to submit GRE scores rather than LSAT scores for some time now.

However, it’s a bit complex whether law schools favor GRE or LSAT results. Every school has its own rules and preferences; it is a truth. Your best approach is usually to examine individual program webpages, which is a recurring theme here.

Level of difficulty

Now, to address the question that most students ask, ‘Is the GRE or LSAT harder?‘ In terms of difficulty, the LSAT is regarded as being tougher than the GRE. In contrast to the LSAT, the GRE paper mainly consists of questions you can memorize.

The GRE assesses your verbal, quantitative, and writing skills, whereas the LSAT concentrates on testing your logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and comprehension.

The GRE’s mathematics section may appear challenging if you don’t practice your math. The logic game segment of the LSAT, which is sometimes regarded as its most difficult component, is absent from the GRE.

Signing off

Ultimately, LSAT vs. GRE, and your decision, comes down to your preferences and career aspirations. LSAT is a good alternative if you are certain that you want to pursue a legal education, while GRE is a solid choice for other programs. If you are still confused about which exam to take, get in touch with our experts at LSAC, who can guide you better.

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