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Here’s How You Can Take Good Care of Your Hand And Its Skin!

by shahnaz
Skin Care

Hands come in daily contact with many substances such as household detergents and cleaning products, personal cleaners including soaps, shampoos, and wet wipes, food components, and water. These substances can take away the protective oils which keep the skin moist, leading to chapping, dryness, and irritation. Once the skin on the hands is irritated, it is prone to further damage. It can also lead to dermatitis. Dermatitis is any rash that affects the skin, including eczema, allergic contact, etc. Natural body care lotion can be used to prevent this from happening. Here are the ways through which good care of hands can be taken!

Ways to take care of hands Today!

  • Wash with care

Washing hands is the best way to prevent bacteria, viruses, and other germs from harming a person’s skin and overall health. A person should wash their hands frequently. It should be a habit to wash hands frequently, then the way a person’s hands look and feel would not be a casualty of their healthy habits. Harsh soaps should be avoided. Hot or lukewarm water should be used to wash hands, as warm water is gentle on the skin.

  • Moisturize

Good moisturizers can help in preventing dry skin on the hands. They hold the needed water in the outer layer of the skin, making the hands smoother and softer. They also help in making the outer skin act as a protective shield. Body care moisturizer should be used to ensure that the skin of the hands is adequately hydrated. Shahnaz Husain’s body care products consist of healthy moisturizers that keep the hands healthy and soft and smooth. Please make sure the moisturizers contain emollients, which help make the skin smooth.

  • Use gloves

Protecting the hands from exposure to harsh substances is by wearing gloves as part of a daily routine. Gloves should be worn every time the hands are employed while working with robust products. A couple of elbow-length rubber gloves should be kept handy when doing heavy cleaning. Cotton gloves can be used to prevent sweating and itchiness. Gloves can also be worn in cold weather to avoid dryness.

  • Manicure

A manicure may be a mood-elevating activity. It is impossible to get a manicure done every day, but a mini-cure is easy. A mini-cure includes –

  • Do not bite fingernails.
  • Use moisturizers on the nails as well as on the skin.
  • Do not cut the cuticles.
  • Keep nails clean, etc.

Natural body care lotion should be used to take proper care of the skin of hands.

  1.  Taking care of the whole self

It is important to take care of the whole body to take care of hands, and skin. The skin and nails of hands benefit from a basic, everyday healthy routine. Care should be taken of what a person consumes so that the body remains healthy. A person should stay healthy and hydrated to keep their hands healthy and fresh.



Keeping the hands and its skin healthy is not difficult if done properly. Body care moisturizer from Shahnaz Husain comes in handy for preventing the dryness of hands. These skincare products are cost-effective and deliver amazing results!

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