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Home decoration ideas with paper : 5 ideas for your mundane walls

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by raul2158
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One of the most common interior design myths is DIY decor does not look opulent. Paper wall decorations are rich, bright and give life to your home design. Another advantage is the ease with which paper wall hanging crafts and DIY wall decoration craft ideas are available.

1. Butterfly wall hanging craft with paper

Butterfly origami wall hanging craft is undoubtedly one of the best papercraft wall decorating ideas. Origami is the Japanese technique of folding colored craft sheets in an artistic way to create unique forms. These wall decoration crafts are then strung together to make beautiful wall hangings for home decor. Variation in shapes, sizes, colours, and strings lead to more attractive wall hanging varieties. With this fantastic design, you can make your walls seem incredibly eye-catching and also use them for birthday decoration at home.

2. Immersive 3D wall hanging craft with paper

This intriguing wall decoration is created with three-dimensional clouds and hot air balloons made of paper cutouts. You can also add umbrellas and rainfall patterns. With these fantastic paper wall decoration craft ideas, you can create an image of the sky. To make more engaging graphics on your wall, include your imagination in the process. This paper room decor concept creates a joyful ambiance in your room’s interior design.

3. Floral room decoration with paper and Balloons

This technique is one of the best DIY home decoration ideas with paper. Floral patterns can also be easily created with colored paper and scissors. It is incredibly simple to cut the piece into the shape of roses or sunflowers. They are very affordable when adding a new design element to your home with balloon decoration. Make floral patterns out of colored paper and hang them together with a length of thread or glue them together in any way.

4. Lunar wall decoration craft

This moon wall hanging décor is made of paper and mirrors. The mirrored surface on the pieces adds a luxurious touch to the decor. The colored or coated paper designs can be replicated to perfection. You may make this wall decoration craft at home if you have the right tools and a working understanding of crafting. If you are a newbie wishing to adorn your house with homemade wall hangings, we recommend looking at the following design.

5. Thread tassel and snapshots paper room decor

This wall decoration comprises a woven network of thread tassels with various rectangular pieces of paper in between. Attach printed pictures to the details of the paper. The paper room decor offers a stylish method to showcase your family photos on the wall of your room. The design is both, attractive and functional.



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