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How to Allow Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Sensitive Content on Twitter

by getassist
Allow Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter is a very popular and famous platform which is used by users nowadays and users use this platform to put up tweets on topics that they want. 

If you are here reading this blog to know about how to allow sensitive content on Twitter then this blog is the best one for you and if the users want to know more about it then the users need to stick to this blog till the end. 

Skipping Possibly Sensitive Content Warning for the Users – 

Step no 1 – For the first step to allow sensitive content on Twitter the users need to press on the settings and privacy option and then they need to visit the account settings page. 

Step no 2 – In this step, the users need to press the privacy and safe option and then they need to move to the next step to allow this tweet might include sensitive content. 

Step no 3 – Now, this last step asks for the users to tap on the option of display media that may contain sensitive content and as soon as they do so the changes will be saved for the users. If the option remains marked then the users will always see the tweets containing material that will be sensitive. 

Now, the users know twitter sensitive content setting which they can use anytime they want now to control the settings of Twitter about sensitive control and the users can change these settings anytime they want to. 

We hope that the information which we have mentioned in this blog about Twitter was beneficial for the users and they were able to know some informative details about twitter and issues related to it. The users can also share this information with the people who need this information so that they can help them. 

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

Apart from everything, have you ever thought about can we see who viewed your Twitter profile, if yes then, there are a couple of ways to watch who has visited your Twitter account in a span of a month. You can visit the given below link of our article which will help you to see the number of views your Twitter profile gains.

Article: https://getassist.net/how-to-see-who-viewed-your-twitter-profile/

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