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How To Build A Housing Real Estate App Like Zillow?

by Eliza Smith
How To Develop Housing Real Estate App Like Zillow

The real Estate Business is the most profitable and demanding one. Whether it is a pandemic or a country war, it never goes in loss. People always look forward to buying new properties so that they can benefit them in the future. You can earn more than enough from a housing app if appropriate strategies are being followed.

We will explore why you should create a Housing real estate app and how it might benefit you in this blog.

Why Invest In Real Estate Websites?

You must first decide whether you want to invest in a Real Estate app or not. It has several benefits that one can avail of with the app. Below mentioned are some of the advantages that can compel you to invest in a Housing app like Zillow.

  • With the help of a mobile app, you can stay on top of the latest technological trends in real estate.
  • Customer reach gets simple.
  • Ensures efficient communication between the seller and the customers.
  • Advertising gets easy with the app so you can simply promote your services through the app.
  • It has a flexible operating system and everything can be managed easily with the app.
  • The mobile app includes effective marketing tools and geolocation features which enhances user experience and brand awareness at a broad scale.

How to Develop a Housing app Like Zillow?

Validate Your Idea

At the very first you have to validate your idea. Real estate businesses are closer to digitalization as apps like Zillow have simplified the tough housing buying process. If you design the right app, users will be able to utilize it to look for property from anywhere. They don’t need to visit every prospective property or location. They can use the app to examine the details of the residence to see whether it fulfills their requirements.

A unique and feature-rich app can help you in standing out from the crowd. If you want to develop a Zillow real estate app you have to first do an appropriate idea validation.

Decide The Type of App

zillow app model

Now you have to decide the application type of your app. Whether you want an Agency app or a third-party model, you need to decide on it at an initial stage. Let’s have a look at the two types of apps that you can choose to develop.

  • The Agency App

As the name implies, it caters to specific real estate agencies. It works as the digital face of the company and shows all the residences available with them under their management. It gives the easy accessibility of agents in just a few mobile taps.

The agency app allows them to keep track of their business progress, how many clients are engaged with them, and what their needs are. It’s essentially a better solution for business management and growth.

  • Third-party Model

The aggregator acts as a middleman between buyers and agencies. The third-party model is different from the agency app in terms of how it works and operates. Users can sign up in the app as buyers or sellers. They can even sign in as freelance agents. Freelancers can use the app to publish their advertisements and expand their network.
Apart from this Customers, can contact local realtors, peruse their listings, and look for homes that appeal to them. Sellers can register their business in the app and ask brokers questions about the properties which they want to sell. The third-party app simply acts as a platform for sellers, buyers, and agents to communicate in a timely and efficient manner.

Create a List of Must-Have Features

Now you have to decide the features, which you want in your app. It’s crucial to know the features which you want to integrate into the app as they play a major role in enhancing user experience. The following are some of the characteristics:

  • Authorization and login
  • Edit/View Your Profile
  • Page of Real Estate Listings
  • Search engine
  • Filter option
  • Map Integration
  • View of the Property
  • Messaging
  • In-app chat
  • Ratings and reviews

Decide the UI/UX of the app

It is important to decide the looks and interior design of the app. How users interact with the app matters the most above all.

The UI UX of a real estate app is what will keep consumers interested in your app. If the UI of the app is not good then there are chances that they will abandon the app. So, how will you ensure that your app’s design and user experience remain up to par?

A User-Centered Approach 

Users’ needs should be thoroughly examined throughout the brainstorming stage. It will assist you in making the best decision possible. Look at your competitors’ websites to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. A superb site design not only draws a customer’s attention and assists them in finding what they’re looking for, but it also boosts your online business’s efficiency.

Usability vs. Aesthetics 

A sophisticated website with a lot of cool animations might occasionally fail when it comes to testing. Fantastic design ideas frequently attract customers without assisting a website in achieving its goal.
Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by beautiful yet unpleasant real estate websites –

  • The navigation bar is not user-friendly
  • Menus that are difficult to understand
  • UI that isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Links that are broken
  • Long loading time

Make sure to avoid all these factors as it ruins the user experience.

Intuitive Navigation 


Navigation plays a vital role in real estate apps. It helps people in finding properties easily. Real estate apps like Zillow provide such benefit which helps them in giving a seamless experience to users.

Features available in the app must be easy to use so that when users will open the app they won’t face any issues. A Zillow clone app can help you in expanding your customer reach in the Real estate market.

Choose a Reputable Mobile App Development Company

Now the step comes where you have to decide on a mobile app development firm that best suits your budget. Before moving on to the next phase, you must first answer the following questions:

  1. What is the greatest way to find the finest outsourcing partner?
  2. Where do I begin?
  3. What should your specifications be?

When you are planning to hire an app development company for Zillow app development, make sure that the company has experienced developers who can dedicate themselves to your project. The company you choose should collaborate with you as a partner and provide advice in critical situations.

Choosing an experienced company with expertise in the latest technology and business practices is also crucial. It would be important to hire a professional who possesses a broader outlook, solid analytical skills, and UI/UX designing skills to work on your project.

Decide Monetisation Strategy for the app

Promos – This is one of the most effective strategies to earn revenues. Websites dedicated to real estate companies can sell promotions. Here Sales campaigns are targeted towards real estate enterprises. You can adopt effective promotional strategies in your housing app to earn profits.

Subscriptions – The subscription model is also another most used strategy that housing app owners follow. Here the portal connects custom quotation services to the administration platform. It can be sold to agents and brokers through a marketing campaign.

AdvertisementYou can charge a particular fee or commission on how many leads are generated.


Only competent IT specialists can promote a real estate app into the market if you have one. If you’re seeking a team of specialists, then we can assist you in developing a Housing app like Zillow. We have a better understanding of on-demand apps and have extensive expertise managing projects ranging from simple to complex. Please contact us to discuss your app concept!

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