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How to Choose a Quality Baby Car Seat

How to Choose a Quality Baby Car Seat for Your Little One

by joshuajesi
Mom playing with her toddler fastened on the baby car seat.

High-quality baby items should be an obligation and not just an option, especially when buying a baby car seat. Stable seating for your child in the car protects them from the worst-case scenario of a crash. Baby car seats are so crucial that under New Zealand law, all kids under seven must be secured and set in a restraint appropriate to their size and age. 


If you’re a parent or expecting, this article will help you find the best car seat for your baby, not just for compliance but also for their comfort. It’s crucial to consider safety features when picking a child safety seat suitable for your little ones. 


What car seats are appropriate for a baby or infant? 

It’s important to know what type of safety car seat to look for before you start browsing. 


For a newborn or child under two years of age, branded capsules and convertibles are one of the best car seat choices. Nuna’s baby equipment selections, and other reputable baby brands, provide top-quality capsules and convertibles. 


Capsule Baby Car Seat 

Capsules are the most recommended car seats for infants because they are small and snug to fit. They are ideally placed in the back seat and can provide a rear-facing option, which is the advisable position. These capsules are detachable and come with a sturdy carrying handle. These seats also have built-in clips to an external stroller base. 


Capsule models are designed for newborn children until they reach their second year. They can also support a weight of 10 to 13 kilograms. 


Convertible Baby Car Seats

Another baby car seat option is convertibles that can handle a maximum weight of 18kg. Unlike the capsules, convertibles are larger and provide rear and forward-facing options for children.  


However, convertibles are not a great option for portability and may require a lot of room when put in a trolley. 


What are the buying guidelines you should remember?

If you’re finally ready to buy a child safety seat for your kids, remember this vital tip: 


Baby car seats in NZ follow stringent standards. As mentioned earlier, your chosen baby safety restraint should fit your child’s height, weight, and age.  


More importantly, they should have one of the three labels: AS/NZS1754 for Australian and New Zealand products, FMVSS213 for US products, and ECE R44.04 for European products.   


If the seat has any of these markers, rest assured that you bought a good-quality car restraint that complies with NZ safety seat laws.  


However, check out what the labels look like to avoid buying counterfeit products. Give the label an up-close look and ensure the product is branded and secure for children. 


How do you know your baby needs a new safety seat?

Whether you choose a capsule or a convertible, there are ways to tell you if your little one has already outgrown their seat and needs a new one. The most obvious sign is when their head finally reaches and rests on the top portion of the seat. 


Remember, to find the best product for your child, always pay attention to their needs and pick the best one! 

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