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How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Content writing

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How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Content writing

How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Content writing

Writing engaging content for your Social Media posts is not a simple task. You need lots of research and time to know the key factors to get viral on social media. Or you need to read informative blogs like this to understand the secret of Social media content writing skills. However, if you think social media platforms are irrelevant to your business, it’s a blunder. You need to think about your decision again.  As you can see in this chart, social media is a way where you can connect to billions of people easily globally.  Digital World Image source: https://kepios.com/blog/2018/4/23/social-media-use-surges-in-early-2018-despite-privacy-fears Apart from this, social media is also a good way to build a strong online presence for your business. Thus, to get an advantage from social media posts, read this blog.  In this blog, we will write the guidelines for all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  So, let’s drive in…

Top Social Media Content Writing Tips for beginners in 2022

Social media holds the top place in the field of ever-changing trends and popularity. There are billions of people who love connecting with others and following their interests on Social media platforms.  Apart from this, social media platforms also encourage their users by sharing relevant content with them with the help of their algorithms.  Every social media platform has its unique algorithm for the feed section. So, if you want to build your own social media brand, then you should follow a separate social media content calendar for different social media platforms

1. How to write social media post for Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is the top social media platform, and that’s why we put this at the top of the list. On Facebook, you need to use various Social media content writing techniques according to your business and campaign.  In general, video is the most effective way to communicate with Facebook users. But to engage your audience, you need to create variations of posts, including, Photos, text, infographics, gifs, blog posts, press releases, memes, and so on.  While writing any post, you should remember that short posts perform better than longer ones, so try to summarize your post within 60 to 80 characters at the beginning.  People are more likely to connect when you reach out to them and forget to know their opinions or feedback on those posts. Thus, try to finish with a question to get the answer in the comment section.  The most important thing you should remember is that Facebook users have limited tolerance for self-promotion. So, don’t fill your feed with promotional content only. That can drop your brand value as well as followers.  Therefore, always create a good social media content calendar with a ratio of informative and promotional content. 

2.  How to write social media posts for Twitter?

Twitter has a different audience from other social media platforms. Here you get limited space for posting on Twitter. That’s why you require smart, concise word choices to convey your short post with a profound message. To learn about how to post on Twitter effectively, you need a little more practice, but once you learn this technique, you can get good quality from this social media platform.  While writing a tweet, you should always put an important message at the beginning of the content to catch the audience’s attention.  The ideal length for a tweet is 71 to 100 characters. And keep in mind that don’t use irrelevant and many hashtags in a post.  On Twitter, people love to retweet the latest breaking news, quotes, statistics, and gifs.

3. How to write social media post for Instagram 

If your audience comes under teenage and middle age, then Instagram is the best platform for your business. This platform is perfect for sharing visual content sharing with little captions. In Social Media Content writing work for Instagram you should mind to create engaging posts, start with powerful sentences and emojis that can grab the attention with engaging visual content.  However, you can boost your visibility by using relevant hashtags in your post. You can use more than 30 hashtags on Instagram, so try to use as many relevant hashtags as possible to promote your brand to a large audience. Instagram is still a bit tricky about the caption paragraph. If you have a caption with good paragraphs and white space, you probably get more resonance than long paragraphs. 

4. How to Write social media post for LinkedIn

If you are a professional or serving a professional audience, then you know about this amazing social media platform LinkedIn is a networking platform where brands and professionals share industry-related insights, updates, and news. That is why you need to be more aware before content writing for your LinkedIn profile.  This social media platform is best for long and valuable content. You can share your post and article on this platform with a handful of hashtags.  On LinkedIn, people love to read and research statistics, infographics, and the latest industry updates. But before posting content, make sure you take credit for that information so you get the credit when it’s shared.

5. How to write social media post for Pinterest

This Social media platform is the place where you can share, pin, and show your content to a global audience. On this social media platform, you can share an image with a description and link that redirect to the content source.  Pinterest is similar to Instagram, focusing on images rather than text. You have to keep the image quality in mind to engage the audience. But the exemplary description can give your post a big boost!  On the Pinterest, in the professional social media content writing work you have to follow the ideal post length that is around 150-300 characters. You are allowed up to 500 characters, but try not to go overboard. It’s good to be detailed and use relevant keywords in your description. Slang and abbreviations don’t make a good impression on Pinterest. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. Try to keep your tone casual but professional. A few years ago, hashtags weren’t popular on Pinterest, but now they can impact your searchability. So you can use relevant hashtags that are optional. However, Pinterest is still primarily driven by keywords, not hashtags, meaning that the feed will show results that have the keyword even without the hashtag. Since a hashtag usually serves as a keyword, using it on your pins doesn’t hurt.


The most important piece of advice when it comes to social media content writing tips is to be authentic more than anything else. This can greatly impact the quality of your content and connect with your audience. You can start by posting short content on your social media platforms. Experiment with your posts to see what your audience responds to best. Try posting different lengths and forms of content at different times of the day. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Social media can be difficult to navigate, but with persistence and a systematic approach, you’ll find what social media content writing works for you as well as what does not. For more content links, you can follow the Top CSS Gallery, which provides valuable information on business and marketing-related content.  The TCG is the best web design gallery to give you Web Design Inspiration. Here you always see the latest web design trends and modern web design portfolios from global web designers and developers. For more details, visit the site now. 

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