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How to dress for snowshoeing

by Liana9999
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How to dress for snowsoeing?
You have been working the last days before your holiday really motivated, that means you are going somewhere exciting for your holiday. Somewhere unusual and somewhere you may have adventures. As going to a hot, Mediterranean country with beaches and cocktails, you can do it every time and probably do it every time, but what about trying something new, something more exciting?

After your holiday you will have thousands of new memories. You’ll go to work and instead of showing off your tan you’ll tell them about your adventures and show them pictures of you having fun in the woods full of snow.

Your family will be excited as well. They will buy other clothes instead of bikinis and even shopping before the holiday and packing will be so much fun for them.

Your kids can experience snow and cold. They will learn how to survive in the snow, which will also be a good lesson.

Do some research

Before going somewhere new and different for you it’s a good idea to do some research. See the weather, hotels, and activities. Also, brainstorm with your family about what things to do or don’t do there. What would they prefer and so on?

One of the most important things is the outfit. What kind of clothes do you need in this or that weather?

If you are going to a cold country, you know you should take warm clothes, sweaters, trousers, coats, etc. But if you intend on going to some activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, or skating, you should consider taking more clothes for activities.

You may think I will decide that once I’m there, but sometimes in the hotels or in near shops outfits for activities are overpriced. As in tourist places, everything is more expensive than anywhere else. So, it’s a good idea either to go away from your resort and buy outfits from local places or you can just buy them in your hometown and take it with you.

Winter sports are not as easy as you may think. If you didn’t learn them before it’s a good idea to start from the easiest and funniest, and that can be snowshoeing. Why not? Snowshoeing is fun, it is easy to learn, every member of your family can participate and you will have time also for “family building” and communicating with each other in the fresh, cold air.

So, if you are already there in your comfy wooden house or hotel and it’s already afternoon and you want to go to snowshoe for at least some hours, here are some tips you may need to know about dressing for snowshoeing.

Warm but with layers

Snowshoeing is an interesting activity, sometimes you may feel hot, sometimes cold, so you need to have clothes that will let you feel at ease. Layers are the best idea, as you can feel warm and comfortable in them. But when you go faster and you are about to sweat you just take off one layer and you feel fine again.

Woods are all about going up and going down. You don’t spend the same amount of energy doing both, that’s why you need to be ready for the changes.

Base Layer

The base layer is the one that is the nearest to your body. You should choose the base layer as carefully as possible. It should be from cotton or merino wool, not synthetic, which will make you sweat.

Then it’s a good idea to choose mid-weight long underwear and a long-sleeved top. The base layer should be all about comfort and warmth.

Mid Layer

After your long-sleeved top, you have to wear another layer. Choose a sweater or fleece sweater. They are really warm and also easy to take off if you need them.

The material you should choose yourself if you feel comfy in wool sweaters, then choose them, if not find the material that will fit you.

As mid-layer you can also put fleece leggings. As you know leggings are really comfortable and also warm if you choose the right material. Just find the right size if it is small or big you may be uncomfortable the whole time.

Outer layer

For the outer layer, you should find a really warm jacket, hiking jackets are really comfortable and stylish. And also, you have to find a pair of comfortable and warm pants. A lot of people feel the cold through their feet so the most important thing is to find the perfect snow shoes.

Usually, you can find men’s snowshoes and women’s snowshoes in the same shop. So, it’s a good idea to go shopping together as you can help each other to find the best snowshoes for both of you.

You can see snowshoes on sale mainly for mens snowshoes but here you have to be careful; buy the ones which are comfortable and warm and have good material and not the ones that are cheap. As you buy snowshoes just once or twice in your lifetime, why not buy the best ones?

If you know the place where you will snowshoe just google the name of the place and add snowshoes (for example Snowshoes Canada) and you will find many options.

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