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How to get an iTunes Store Account, iTunes Gift Cards, and How to use outside the

How to get an iTunes Store Account

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A digital card is the all-time favorite option whenever you need the perfect gift for a friend, coworker, or relative. It can be sent to the recipient instantly or on the date of your choosing via email. The iTunes gift card is an ideal option for people who seem to have everything. In case you are having trouble giving the perfect gift to someone who seems to have it all, the iTunes gift card is the best solution. It is perfect for marketing promotions. It can be used as a prize for online contests. Furthermore, these gift cards work well as giveaways at trade fairs and can also be used as a simple appreciation token for employees who have done a good job on projects.
An iTunes gift card is just perfect for all smartphone users. iTunes gift cards can be used to stay entertained with the latest movies. You can purchase music using this card as it gives you access to millions of songs and albums to build your playlist. For book lovers, there is a massive library of books, to make a choice and buy as many as you want with the gift card. For gaming masters, the iTunes gift card has the opportunity to download premium games to keep gamers entertained.

How to Use iTunes Gift Card outside the US?

All iTune gift cards are country-specific and they can only be used in the country of issue. For example, an iTunes Gift Card purchased in the United States of America for a US App Store can’t be redeemed in UK or French iTunes. Hence, are you wondering how to redeem and use a US gift card abroad? The answer is simple and all you need is a United States iTunes Store Account to redeem your US iTunes gift card.

How to redeem your US iTunes Gift Card?

Log out of your iTunes account from your Mac / PC
There will be a flag on the bottom right of the Store, Switch it to the US.
Take a look for free app and choose get.
Create an account.
Choose the no card option and generate a username and password with a valid email ID.
You need to log out of your account on your iPhone / iPad
Sign in with your new account and you will have US iTunes.
Open your App Store.
Select your Profile Icon
Scroll down and “Redeem Gift Card or Code” will appear, enter your code here.
Your credit will be filled.
Purchase anything you want to no matter wherever you are.

Now that you know how to refill your balance and purchase apps outside your country, it is time to learn how to operate them. American streaming channels are blocked outside their country of origin and it means that any attempt to stream their content abroad will result in an instant ban. But with the use of a VPN, you will be able to spoof your online location and appear to be browsing straight from the US. While connecting to a US server, you will receive an American IP address and that is all you need. When a channel reads your IP, it will determine that you are a current US resident and you will be provided full access to its content regardless of your location.

Installation of VPN application on your iPhone or iPad.
Sign in and connect to a US server.
Select the channel.

How to get an iTunes Store Account?

An iTunes Gift Card makes purchasing music and videos easy. But before purchasing your first song or video, you need to set up an iTunes Store account by following these steps to get your Store Account situated:

In the iTunes, click iTunes Store option in the store section of the source pane, or select a music link or Genius sidebar link.
On the iTunes home page, replace the iTunes List pane.
In the upper-right area of the window, click the sign-in tab to make an account
When you select the sign-in button, the account sign-in dialog box appears. If you have already a logged in account before using iTunes, type your email and password and then click the sign-in option.
Create New Account button.
A new page will be displayed welcoming you to the iTunes Store.
Clicking the Continue option choose “I Have Read and Agree to the iTunes Terms and Conditions”, click Continue, and then fill in your personal account information.
Continue to go to the next page of the account setup procedure, and then enter your credit card information

The entire procedure is secure and the iTunes Store keeps your personal information on file so you don’t have to type it again. Click Continue to finish the procedure. When finished, the iTunes account setup takes you to the iTunes Store home page and now you can use it to purchase and download content to your devices. When you own Apple ID, you can easily sign in to the iTunes Store to buy music and videos, view or change your account information, and see your purchase history. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Account then Sign In. You can either sign in with your existing Apple ID or you can create a new Apple ID.

How to Change your iTunes Store Account Info?

You are allowed to change your Apple ID name, password, or billing information at any time. In the iTunes app choose account, then choose the view my account option and sign in. Click the edit button, make your desired changes and click done. All the changes will be appeared immediately and be applied to every app in which your Apple ID is being used.
How to buy iTunes Gift Card?
You can buy an iTunes gift card from MyGiftCardSupply. It is fast and easy, and the gift cards are digitally scanned and sent via email delivery. It is located in the United States and all the US iTunes cards are purchased directly from Apple-authorized stores and sent securely via email. It ensures 100% confidence in the security and authenticity of gift cards. Purchasing iTunes gift cards should be as easy and convenient as possible. That is why; each order is processed from a live operator and then emailed.

How fast will my iTunes card be emailed?

It may take 24 hours to receive iTunes Gift Card via email. If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received it, you should consider the “Resend a gift” section to reissue the gift card.
What can be purchased with the US iTunes gift card?
An iTunes Gift Card lets you purchase music, e-books, movies, games, and more. It is a versatile and one-stop multipurpose card for all the Apple users out there.

In which countries do you sell US iTunes gift cards?

The iTunes Gift Card is available in 119 countries and it is the best way for Apple users to legally discover, purchase and download content online. An iTunes gift card provides you with anxiety-free experience of choosing which movie or music album or game to get. The gift card has different denominations and whatever you get depends on the season or the occasion. It could be a package as a graduation gift to a niece or it could also be a birthday gift for your young son who likes reading books. The iTunes gift card is versatile and works for anyone. It is a neutral gift so no worries whether the gift works for a guy or a girl.

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