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How to Get Marriage Certificate Attestation In India?

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If you and your spouse are preparing to relocate to a different nation, you must get your marriage license authenticated. Marriage certificate attestation in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, and Punjab for Saudi, Doha, Muscat, UAE, as well as the USA, is simple if you understand the process. Even if you are unfamiliar with the technique, you may learn more about it online or rely on the expertise of experienced attestation service providers.

What Is The Significance Of Marriage Certificate Attestation?

One of the most significant legalization processes is the certification of a marriage certificate, which requires acquiring an attestation seal from an authorized authority. It must be completed from India, the nation that issued the certificate. 

The goal of marriage certificate attestation in India would be to validate a document that will be utilized in another nation. It is often necessary to demonstrate that you are lawfully married and assist you in obtaining a family residence permit or sponsoring your spouse. The nation where the wedding took place can certify this certification. 

What Do You Require For Marriage Certificate Attestation?

Marriage certificate authentication is an essential part of private certificate authentication. In other nations, attestation of the marriage certificate is required in order to obtain a family residency permit or to financially back the partner. The following are the main information needed for marriage certificate attestation:

  •   The original marriage certificate
  •   A photocopy of a passport

The Procedure For Attestation Of A Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate attestation seems to be an essential aspect of a married person’s document attestation procedure. Marriage certificates, like other certificates, should be attested in order for your visit to other countries to go smoothly. Before applying for a visa, you must have the certificate attested by government officials. Marriage certificate registration increases your reputation in other nations, and it also protects your family. Every person who wants to transfer to a foreign nation must first grasp the marriage certificate verification procedure.

First Stage: Officials from the concerned state’s Home Department mainly attest to marriage certificates, as well as other personal papers like birth records, death records, marriage licenses, and so on.

Second stage: The marriage license and other paperwork will next need to be authenticated mostly by the Ministry of External Affairs. After the Home Department has attested the documents, you must submit them to the MEA. MEA authorities will perform the appropriate verification and affix an attestation stamp to the papers.

Last stage: After your marriage license has been attested by the Home Department as well as the MEA, you must seek Embassy Attestation. It is the final step in the marriage certificate verification process. 

Detailed Procedure To Get Marriage Certificate Attested 

  1. Notary certification: Notary certification comes before all other procedures affecting the way to proceed. It is obtained from a local notary, typically in the shape of a statement and a stamp. The notary is by far the most important need of any legislative verification procedure. 
  2. State Home Department: The State Home Department performs attestation certification for personal papers. The Home Department is only permitted to carry out private document verification, and the authorities engaged are the only ones permitted to certify papers. It is the next step in the process of legalizing personal papers. 
  3. Sub-Divisional Magistrate: The Sub-Divisional Magistrate would be a variation for the Home Department and, in rare situations, for HRD. However, certain agencies strictly need HRD verification for educational papers. 
  4. Ministry of External Affairs: The Ministry of External Affairs, often known as the MEA, is the final stage of legalization from the home government, following which an MEA stamp is placed on the document. MEA is the principal authority in charge of the country’s foreign affairs. 
  5. Embassy Attestation: Attestation from the Embassy is performed by employees from the nation for which the papers are being certified. For most countries, it is the final level of certification just after the Ministry of External Affairs. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Obtain An Attestation Of Marriage Certificate?

The time required is determined by a number of factors, including the nation for which the attestation is required, the type of papers required, and the state from which it is required. Usually, it will take 8 to 10 days to complete. However, it might still last many weeks longer than a month. The previously mentioned factors will continue to have an impact on the overall time. 

How Much Would A Marriage Certificate Attestation Cost?

The cost of attestation of a marriage certificate varies by nation and state. It might also be impacted by the extreme nature of the need, as well as the state in which the papers were received. The cost of attestation may be modest or expensive, and it may also vary depending on the additional services provided, such as document verification with pick-up as well as drop-off service. 


The attestation of your marriage certificate is an important step that should be carried out by every individual in any nation. Marriage certificate attestation in India is a quite easy and simple step that becomes much simpler if you take the help of an attestation service provider. This document will help you in various ways such as shifting to another country apart from India.

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