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How To Grow Your B2B Portal In India

by zanezachary

Partnership with a digital B2B portal is the top move in the twenty-first century if you want to become the owner of an internationally known firm. You can start your journey by visiting the chosen B2B portal’s online website for downloading the mobile application.

How Is A B2B Different From Others?

The B2B marketplace for buyers and sellers is one of many digital B2B sales channels available to your firm. The platform brings together B2B sellers and B2B buyers. Sellers who sell large quantities of finished and semi-finished goods, parts, raw materials, and services to other firms include wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, and brands. As a reason, the B2B portal’s selling features are unique from those of the rest of the markets.

What Strategies Can Make B2B Portals Reach At The Top?

Here are five steps to take which, if followed correctly and consistently, can help your B2B trade portal grow in India:

  • Create A Blog That Tells About Your Specialty- Your B2B trade portal aims toward other companies. They’re looking for information that will help them make selections. By creating a blog for your industry, you’re helping your audience while also gaining valuable SEO.
  • Develop B2B relations and content with high-quality backlinks- Backlinks, or links to your website via other websites, help boost the control of your web page inside your domain. They’re also a powered B2B strategy for eCommerce pages.
  • For your B2B eCommerce store, develop an e-commerce SEO strategy: Make Your URLs More Effective- This is a vital part of telling both humans and search engines what to expect on the page. Effective URLs get linked to the page they represent and give accurate user data.
  • Making your site speedy is essential, or B2B clients get restless- Waiting for a website to load is something people hate. You must do all possible to provide a speedy experience, whether you have a B2C or B2B page. Otherwise, you will lose business by the wink.
  • Set objectives for your B2B trade portals and check them using analytics- B2B clients do more research than B2C clients since they are making business decisions. Recognize the demands of your clients and give services that can help them with growth plans.


What Are The Top B2B Portals In India?

Without further ado, here is a list of the best B2B sites in India for sourcing products for your B2B.

  • Alibaba is one of the largest B2B trade portals. Its focus is the growth of Chinese goods. Customers can choose from a variety of services on Alibaba. Its market strategy is well-thought and bold. The features provided by the B2B are online cash transfers, mobile trading, and digital purchasing.
  • TradeIndia is one of the most well-known B2B portals in India. It presents at national and international trade exhibitions and competes in competitions. Credit reports, leads, trade reports, corporate records, contact me, and chatbots are among the services provided to clients. In addition to these achievements, TradeIndia is a Google-approved SME partner.
  • Udaan is a small and medium-sized B2B portal in India, great for India’s small and medium companies. Traders, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers meet on a single platform. Udaan has a highly competitive business model. It sees the internet as a compliment. Its goal is to bring together thousands of businesses to use the power of the internet. Due to its easy and effective manner, the B2B site for export has long been at the top of B2B lists.
  • Global Trade Plaza is your one-stop portal for all your B2B requirements. In India, it is a leading B2B marketplace for buyers and suppliers. Customers use this B2B portal to keep track of their accounts and orders. It also allows users to specify spending limits and budgets. The most distinguishing aspect of Global Trade Plaza is secure business communication and transactions. The top B2B portal in India can assist you in expanding your business internationally. It’s an Indian B2B portal that targets exporters and small businesses. This B2B trade portal also allows you to create an online community. With the help of this B2B marketplace for buyers and suppliers, your clients will be able to access anything.
  • IndiaMart is currently the most popular B2B trade portal in India. The B2B is well-known for keeping its data updated. Buyers can contact the vendor directly using the contact information provided on the website and finish the deal.
  • 99Business is a well-known global B2B marketplace for buyers and suppliers. Clients can use the site to show their items locally and internationally after registering. 99business.com is a known B2B website in India that helps businesses expand. It assists clients in growing their businesses by bringing buyers and sellers together. The benefit of this B2B portal is that it is 100% free to register.
  • Amazon is a popular B2B marketplace for small business owners and sellers. The most popular wholesale B2B marketplace in India is Amazon. You will become an e-Commerce Seller by using Amazon’s B2B trade platform. It allows you to sell large amounts of goods at wholesale prices.
  • Global Sources offers a Verified Supplier pledge, similar to other well-known Indian wholesale B2B portals. It helps to assist merchants in identifying trustworthy vendors. On supplier profiles, look for the verification mark and ratings. Before making a deal through the platform’s chat feature, you must contact wholesalers and discuss conditions.
  • DHgate is a B2B portal that allows international importers to buy Chinese goods and transport them to more than 200 countries. DHgate, like many other well-known wholesale B2B marketplaces, has won honours for being the best B2B marketplace. It’s a well-run business monitoring system that tracks orders and ensures they arrive on time.

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