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How to Keep Customers Happy During Holiday Shipping Season?

7 Tips for Every Business

by prachi.vats


Customer satisfaction is all that is required for a successful retail business. The holiday season is the best time for retailers to grow their business whether big or small. The best are those who know when and how to start. 

We have put together 7 simple ways to keep your customers happy during the holiday season and turn your one-time customer into a repeat shopper. 

7 Tips to Keep Your Customers Happy During Peak Holiday/Festive Season

Hire Seasonal Employees

Seasonal employees are a boon in the holiday shipping season. There is a thing called smart work and hard work and so is a thing called smart leader, smart leaders are the ones who try not to burn out their key employees in the busiest of the busy season and rather hire seasonal labor or employees for the extra work that is required. One such eCommerce mistake during peak season is burdening the company’s existing employees with an extra load that results in inefficiency and poor results. So, hiring seasonal service employees ensures the quality of work and helps in meeting seasonal timelines.

Self-Service Facility or Live Chat Bots

The main goal of self help facility is that it lets everything for customers handy. You should use live chat options for basic issues like where the product is, how to initiate returns etcetera. Without a doubt, we know we can not replace customer service given by humans but can definitely reduce half the burden. So, 24/7 customer service agents especially in the peak season are a must. But, using self-service options tremendously reduces the waiting time, and a number of customer calls and improves customer satisfaction. 

Timely Delivery of Products

We repeat deliver your products timely, this is a game changer. However big the brand is and the number of orders you have, so you risk disappointing clients and losing them if they are stockouts or if you can’t deliver products on time. In order to maintain your clients’ satisfaction, you must keep these 7 things in mind. 

  • Advertising and sales should be synchronized.
  • Your website should scream holidays and festive season to attract customers
  • forecasting sales demand, check data from the previous holiday season 2021 to forecast inventory required
  • Your fulfillment centers/ micro-fulfillment centers should be near your delivery areas
  • Inform your suppliers of the anticipated amount of orders
  • Keep tight tabs on daily order performance
  • Hire an order fulfillment company like WareIQ.

No HIDDEN Shipping Charges

First of all you should try to offer free shipping to customers or flat-rate shipping options for shoppers. If not then try to include delivery fees in the product price and if at all it is not possible then your shipping costs should be minimal. 

Shipping companies should know Shipping costs or delivery fees make or break things for customers, absurd amounts if demanded shipping then customers quickly fallout. 

Offer Custom Packaging, If Possible

Custom personalised packaging can be one such. With this businesses can grow during peak season  Consider the main distinction between a small company and a retail behemoth like Amazon or Walmart. The time you can spend on each individual order, not just your annual revenue, is the key. Customers are aware that they can anticipate a primarily impersonal experience if they make a purchase from one of the major websites. Usually, an automated system responds to them if they have a problem. Add as much flavour and individuality to the delivery process as you can.

Even something as straightforward as a handwritten note of gratitude to a client for their business can go a long way toward setting you apart from the enormous but static instant shippers.

A Communication with Your Customer

Making all communication relevant and personal is an excellent strategy. Online stores can also keep their customers over the long term by offering highly tailored and targeted information, such as product recommendations or reviews. The information sounds familiar and recognisable because they maintain a constant tone of voice and branding. So, what is the best way to impress your customers in the 2022 peak season?

Customers should always feel valued and pleased while interacting with brands. Customers will be pleased, and this will strengthen their loyalty. Additionally, you can deliver highly customised and pertinent material using the track and trace page and individual consumer data. Your sales and revenue will rise as a result, both during and after the busy season and this is how you can gain more days of festival season. 

Start with Loyalty Campaigns 

If possible, start by running loyalty campaigns for customers. Smart deals and offers attract new customers, help retain customers, and then your one-time customers turn into your repeat customers. 


So, Are you ready to hit the ground during the 2022 holiday season? Holiday Season Shipping is a tiresome time but the most profitable time of the year for all businesses whether big or small. Whatever plans or strategies for logistics fulfillment during the holiday season you make, still there will be on-the-go challenges and a few losses but it is all worth it when your customers are satisfied. 

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