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How to make Laser hair removal treatment smoother?

by rashid
How to make Laser hair removal treatment smoother?

Laser Hair Removal:

How to make Laser hair removal treatment smoother? This technique can be a huge relief to anyone who is struggling with their unwanted hair on the body for years. With a few laser hair removal sessions. By using this method, you can easily say goodbye to shaving, waxing, threading, and all the painful methods that come with hair removal.

A question arises in everyone’s mind exactly how many sessions of laser do you need for permanent results. It is difficult to tell the exact number as this method varies from patient to patient or case by a case basis. Patients can generally expect 4 to 6 sessions.

How to make Laser Hair Removal Treatment Smoother?

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary form to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. In this article, we recommend some simple do’s and don’ts to make sure to get Laser Hair removal treatment smoother. Just you need to follow some of the following points to increase your chance for successful laser hair removal smoothly.

Do Shave the day of:

How to make laser hair removal treatment smoother? The laser used for hair removal targets the pigment of the hair. This laser penetrates into the skin. The job of the laser is to focus its heat energy on the hair which transfers it to the follicle and completely destroys it. Since what laser targets are the follicle, not the hair. It is important to shave the treated area first.

Any changes in medication:

A patient might come in for multiple sessions for at least four weeks. However, if you want to make any change in medication or planning to start a new medication make sure to let your dermatologist or doctor know about it.

Do you think you may be pregnant?

Although there is no relationship between laser hair removal and pregnancy. We always want to know if you are or not. Your doctor or technician must be aware that you are pregnant or not.



Don’t get a tan:

Suppose right before the treatment you came to the clinic during harsh sunlight this is also considered as tanning so, we cannot treat this patient. In addition, you need to make sure to stay out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before the treatment.

Don’t take antibiotics:

Antibiotics can make your skin photosensitive. Most antibiotics can clear your system within three to ten working days. However, acutance will be 6 months before you can easily have a laser hair removal treatment session.

Avoid hot showers soon after your treatment:

You don’t need to take a hot shower soon after your laser treatment. Commonly this might be overlooked. Taking a hot shower may cause heat damage to your skin. from a Hot shower you may get a burn. However, cold showers are completely ok.

Don’t work out the day of:

When you dealing with heat always be careful. Heat can be transferred into your skin. A patient needs to avoid working out. After your treatment, you should avoid working as this may raise the heat factor of the treated area.

Don’t wear tight clothing on the treatment area:

Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially in the targeted area. Trap heat may cause complications to wear loose cotton clothing and your treatment.

Don’t miss your appointments:

Avoid missing any of your appointment. Missing one may cause the likelihood of missing the hair cycle, as a result, you need more sessions and more money.

Don’t have any products on your skin:

The patient needs to avoid any lotion, creams, and other deodorants. Retinal production for at least 3 days before and after treatment.

The number of sessions you will actually need:

The basic standard for effective laser hair removal requires 6-8 sessions. this is an average. However, this does not mean you are guaranteed clearance after 6-8 sessions. There are some persons who need more than 8 sessions to get clearance. It is important to remember that changes in medication may cause hormonal imbalances. Missing your appointment may cause medical conditions.




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