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How to Prepare Your Baby’s Cot?

by pinakshchopra12

A common challenge most parents face is putting their baby to sleep. They try everything from singing a lullaby to rocking the baby to sleep. However, all their attempts fail. In this case, you should consider setting up a comfortable cot for your little one. Babies fall asleep in no time in their cot as it is comfortable and cozy. Following are some tips to prepare your baby’s cot.

Pick a Comfortable Mattress

For a goodnight’s sleep for your baby, pick a comfortable mattress. Like us, babies have difficulty falling asleep on a hard mattress. Pick a baby mattress that is firm and flat. Pay attention to the mattress size. The mattress should fit the cot perfectly. Opt for a waterproof mattress as your baby is likely to wet the bed several times.

Keep Blankets Handy

You should keep your baby warm to make sure they sleep well and do not fall ill. Always keep baby blankets for winter handy. Follow this thumb rule when layering your baby. Layer them up with an additional blanket. Remember not to cover your baby’s face when layering them. This could leave them feeling suffocated. If your child kicks off the blanket at night, consider tucking the blanket in the cot.

Check the material of the blanket before buying it. Avoid buying blankets made of material that is rough and itchy. The blanket should be lightweight and cozy.

Take Safety Precautions

Put in some thought before buying a cot. The higher the sides of the cot, the better it is. This prevents the baby from coming out. For the same reason, the cot sides should also not have big gaps. Place pillows on the sides so the baby does not hurt themselves while moving or playing. Consider buying a baby bed with mosquito net to prevent insect penetration.

You should set up the mosquito net primarily during the rainy seasons as mosquito breeding is widespread.

Position It Near to You

It is exciting to place the cot in the nursery you have built for months. However, the baby should sleep in your room for the initial months. Place the cot in your room, preferably near to your bed. You can get up several times to check on your baby. Avoid placing the cot near the window exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Have plenty of space around the cot so you can move around conveniently.


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