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How to Sell on Amazon FBA?

by Stella Sharon
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With FBA it is possible to sell products to millions of customers on Amazon. Amazon handles fulfillment while you develop the business you want to run and make revenue.

Selling online products is an excellent option to start or grow an enterprise and earn money. If you’re planning to sell, you should do it on Amazon.

One of the main reasons Amazon is so popular is due to the popularity of FBA as well as third-party sales. In reality, over 50% of the company’s $280 billion in revenue was generated by third-party sellers in 2021. You could join them!

What You Need to Sell on Amazon

Before you begin selling on Amazon it is essential to keep in mind that you will need to be prepared to invest some effort and time.

If you can do this, you could be extremely successful! 69 percent of Amazon sellers agree they selling on Amazon requires some effort and isn’t a “get-rich-quick” tactic.

Amazon sellers state that the main elements that have contributed to their success are having the commitment to their venture and possessing the tools and resources to assist them.

Depending on whether or not you have a product you want to sell already, the initial costs for selling on Amazon may differ. In reality, you could invest as much as you wish or could begin selling your product on Amazon almost for nothing.

How to Sell on Amazon FBA

Most simply, to sell your product on Amazon is all you need the product you want to sell as well as the Amazon seller’s account and a method to get your product to the customer.

If you’ve got an item to market or simply want to join the market but aren’t quite sure what you want to sell there’s a way to make a business plan that can help you sell your product on Amazon.

Amazon business models

Private Label: Designing your own brand/product label.

Wholesale: Buying goods in huge quantities directly from a brand or from distributors who have additional stock to sell them on Amazon.

Reselling/Arbitrage: Purchase discounted items via online retailers or retailers to sell on Amazon 

Dropshipping: Buying items directly from the manufacturer who completes the order and delivers directly to the purchaser

Handmade: Designing and creating the products that you can offer on Amazon.

It is possible to run your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Amazon manages all the storage packaging, shipping, and packing of your items.

How to Set Up a Seller Account 

If you’ve decided you’d like to sell your product on Amazon The first step is to create your seller account. It is possible to use your account without having a product or even any listings.

  1. Provide documentation
  2. Start your company
  3. Choose between a Professional account or an Individual account
  4. Select which Amazon Storefront name
  5. Make your product listings

Finding a Profitable Product

What kind of product can you offer on Amazon? What do you know about whether buyers will purchase it? How do you determine what price to set so you earn a profit?

Don’t be rushed. Research is an essential part of the preparation that requires time and effort for success.

How to Source Products for Amazon FBA

After you’ve discovered the product you want or narrowed down your options to a handful of final alternatives, it’s time to locate a vendor.

If this procedure is somewhat daunting You’re not alone. A lot of successful sellers claim that they didn’t have an idea of how to find or connect with suppliers.

With the huge advances in communication, technology, and other services that help facilitate trade between countries It’s now a much easier process than it’s ever been.

Pro tip: 

If you are sourcing products from the Alibaba platform, then I recommend you read this article to know how to source products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA.

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