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How to Set Homepage Google Chrome?

how to make google my homepage

by Elenasmith
Set Homepage Google Chrome


Web Browsers are like vehicles that take you to any address you want to go. Though there are many browsers available in the market the name Google Chrome is at the top. Google Chrome is a browser of tech giant company Google itself and is used by millions of people around the world. The best thing about Google Chrome is that you do need not any external software to open any file as Google Chrome itself can open all the files like Audio, Video, pdfs, e-books, and many more. After a few updates, Google Chrome has put all the plugins inbuilt and you need not download anything externally to open a file. It also has made some extensions and integrations that you can enable as per your requirement. You can enable these extensions from the menu icon or from the Bookmark bar very easily. Extensions such as VPN, and Adobe are very useful in this context.

You can download and use Google on any operating system like iOS, Windows, and Android. However, Google Chrome is the official and default web browser of Android and it can be made for Windows too. Google Chrome is very easy to use, just download its application, open it and go to any address. One more feature which attracts the public is that they can set a particular page as a home page. When we open Google Chrome the first page that appears is known as the home page. www.google.com is the official home page of Chrome but you can change it with a particular page that you open very often. So, let us see how we can set the homepage for Chrome.


In case you are using an Android device, as we have discussed earlier, Google Chrome is the official home page of Android devices. To set a particular page as Google Chrome homepage, first of all, open Google Chrome and click on the menu icon present at the Bookmark bar in the form of three dots to open the menu list. In the list, click on the “Setting” option and then go to the Advanced section of your android Google Chrome. Now, tap the homepage option and provide the web address or URL of that page that you want to set as your new homepage.

In case you are using the iOS device, you can download the Google Chrome from the app store but unfortunately, you can neither set it as your default web browser nor you can set a new homepage of chrome. As we are all familiar with the security and safety of apple devices from the third-party apps, hence apple does not give more than enough permission to any app to run it.


Windows is one of the most used operating systems for office workers and Google Chrome is the first choice as a browser. And if you are looking for a detailed procedure of how to set Homepage Google Chrome then you are in the right place. Let us come to the point and see how you can do it with the following steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC or laptop, mostly an icon of it is present on the home screen of your device.
  2. At the bookmark bar of Google Chrome, click on the menu icon to open the menu list.
  3. In the menu list, look for the Settings option to open all the Settings of your Google Chrome.
  4. All the settings of Chrome are categorized into different sections for your betterment. From the given sections, check for the Appearance section and click on it to open all the settings under this section.
  5. In this section, enable the homepage by sliding the enable button so that you can change the homepage URL of Chrome. If you disable it, it means that you do not want to change your homepage.
  6. Once you enable it, you see that the home page www.google.com which was not editable before has become editable after enabling the home page.
  7. Write the address or URL of the website that you want to make your home page. You can also copy-paste your address here.
  8. Finally, click the Save Changes button to set it on your new homepage. Try to restart your Chrome and check if the home page has been changed now.

This is all about setting your home page for Google Chrome, however, if you still have any questions such as how to make google my home page back, how to set more than one page as a home page for Chrome, how to set a background picture for your chrome browser, all these details are available for free at Guidebrain.com.

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