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How To Start An Online Multiservice Business With Gojek Clone?

by vtiyaa
Gojek clone app development

Many countries have seen ride-sharing apps become increasingly popular over the past few years. For example, over 5 million drivers in Indonesia are registered on the gojek application. In Singapore, about 3 million drivers are registered on the respective ride-sharing services. These apps are also being used in Australia and Thailand.

The gojek clone is a multi-service application also called super app. It allows users to request rides from nearby drivers and to pay for them through the app without the need to use cash. A Gojek clone application allows user to book ride-sharing, as well as order food, and groceries, and even reach an expert handyman.

Your customers will be happy to use a business that offers its services via a mobile application. It is a perfect time to give your customers the chance to search for everything in one place by creating your own Gojek clone app. You don’t need to have separate apps for food, grocery, and taxi booking. They can all be found in one app.

Five Features You Can Add to Your Next Gojek Clone app to Gain a Competitive Edge

These are five features you should add to your next Gojek Clone App for a competitive edge.

  1. Customers should be able to tip and pay easily
  2. Chatbots that provide customer service can be added
  3. Personal chatbots and content creation tools can create a more personal experience.
  4. A chatbot powered by AI that generates content on behalf of customers can be added
  5. Chatbots can be used in other languages such as Indonesian.

You can follow businesses using a gojek app clone:

Booking a taxi on-demand

  1. Online restaurant delivery
  2. Book a handyman on-demand
  3. Online grocery delivery
  4. Electrician on-demand
  5. Plumber on-demand, etc


If you plan to start an online multiservice business, investing in super app development is the best choice.  Gojek Clone is a ready-made solution that will help you to build an app without much effort and time. It is a golden opportunity for everyone so don’t be late and take your business to the next level.


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