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How to Successfully Maintain Your Sofa?

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How to Successfully Maintain Your Sofa

The flagship piece of furniture in your living room, the sofa brings the decorative and design touch essential to your comfort. But dust and stains quickly invite themselves in. Follow our tips for cleaning your sofa.

How to take good care of your fabric sofa? What seems obvious may turn out to be less simple than it seems.

Before you start cleaning your sofa

What should you consider before starting to clean a stain on your sofa? First, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The care instructions for the product will be invaluable to you, as they will vary depending on the fabrics used. If it is velvet, mixed fabric, or leather, the procedure will not be the same. Another important detail, the solutions against dust and stains will be different if your sofa is removable or not.

Some tips for the maintenance of your sofa

How to get rid of encrusted stains on a sofa with non-removable fabric? Many solutions exist at home to remove the excess stain. The contents of your cupboards can be a great help in cleaning your furniture, with these common products:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Cleansing milk
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge

In general, it will be necessary to act quickly on the stain to guarantee the success of the operation. Use a cloth or sponge soaked in water to soak up the stain. Then pass a damp cloth soaked in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Pat the surface of your furniture lightly, widening the stroke to absorb moisture well. Once the operation is completed, remember to dry your sofa well. It’s time to open your windows wide to ventilate your home.

Another homemade trick, baking soda is an effective cleaner that absorbs dust and eliminates odors. This cleaning product is ideal for your fabric furniture because it avoids washing, which is more restrictive. However, it is not recommended on leather. Apply a light coat of this powder to the entire surface of your sofa. Leave for two hours, and gently pass the brush of your vacuum cleaner. This maintenance solution also applies to your other fabric-covered furniture, such as armchairs, upholstered chairs, etc.

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How to deep clean your sofa?

Despite everything, it happens that these natural products do not come to the end of all the stains and that odors persist. Before pulling your hair out, opt for the at-home solution of the steam cleaner. Be careful though, try the cleaner beforehand on a hidden part of your sofa or armchair to see if the fabric and color hold up well. Finally, note that steam is not recommended on velvet sofas, because these fabrics retain too much water emitted by the device.

And what works for your sofa also works for your armchair, give them a spring cleaning for a healthy and dapper living room!

Professional solutions for the maintenance of your sofa

Despite everything, there are still stains, and you no longer know which saint to devote yourself to? Using a professional cleaner may be the solution. Depending on the case, he can offer you treatment by injection extraction, or even a nova clean process. Consider the value of your sofa carefully before considering this solution, because the price of the operation can be quite expensive. Now might be the time to consider buying a new sofa.

Extend the life of your sofa

The vacuum cleaner brush will be your safest ally against dust, hair, and other particles. As for the maintenance of a mattress, it is enough to vacuum the surface. Also, avoid exposing your sofa like your armchairs to direct sunlight so that they keep the shine of their original color. Finally, think of a beautiful decor with plaid, velvet mattresses, and cushions. In addition to adding a warm touch, they will protect your sofa from everyday stains and wear and tear.

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