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How to take anxious pets to vet

All you need to know about taking your pets to the vet.

by khushisoni

It is understandable that pets get very anxious on their trips to the vet. The unusual smells, other animals, unfamiliar pet parents, and of course the actual examination performed by a stranger that may include a lot of poking and capturing. Pet parents always wonder if there is something that they can do to relieve or at least reduce this anxiety. Yes, definitely there are steps that you can take, that may reduce the anxiety of your pets. 


Exercise before the visit

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Not just humans but animals also feel happier after a good workout. Take your pet out and play with him. Tire them as much as possible. There is a high chance that they will be too tired to care that they are at a vet. The weird smells would not bother them as much. If they are physically exhausted, the examination would be easier as your pet would not fight back as much. 


Practice at home

Try some vet-related tasks at home. Hold the paws of your pet, hold their ears back, press them, check their eye, check their ear, and so on. You can even call a trusted friend home and let them also do these tasks. This makes the pet comfortable with different people examining him. This will build their tolerance and the next visit to the vet would not be as dreadful as it always is.


Try to go to the same vet every time

Take your pet to the same vet every time. This way they get familiar with the place and the people who would be examining him. Ask the best pet boarding service that you use to do the same. This is a long-term solution. Once your pet becomes friends with the staff the visits are not bad at all, they might even be fun for your pet.


After check-up treat

Treat your pet immediately after the vet checkup. Give them a lot of praise and bring them their favorite food. This lets the pet associate vet with good food and praises. Once your pet understands this they will be a little more comfortable around the vet. Make sure that vet checkups and the best pet grooming services are not on the same day.


These are all the tips that might make your trips to the vet easier. If you get a chance and if your vet allows taking your pet to the vet for a fun visit would also help a lot. Your pet is a part of your family, let’s make them feel easy.


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