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How to win an auction on eBay?

by Elenaparker

eBay is an online website where products are bought via auctions. Sellers list their items and offer them to buyers in two popular models – an auction where the highest bidder gets the first chance to buy the item and a ‘Buy Now’ option where buyers can order an item, pay for it and confirm the order.

Winning an auction on eBay – the challenge

The real challenge is that there are multiple bidders for product listing on eBay. Every serious bidder would like to win the auction, and hence it is crucial to have a winning bidding strategy that works. Here are a few viable tips for pros and amateurs to make the winning bid.

Conduct thorough research before bidding.

The research should be around what can work to make the winning bid. You need to find the current market price of the item or a similar item. Online research is the best way. Use different words to describe the item to find more information about the item’s price. Sometimes, you can misspell the word and be surprised by the outcome. 

The time of the auction 

You must be aware of the auction’s timing and when it ends. The timing is important because you should be available to make a bid, if required, at the last minute. For example, if the bidding is going on till late at night, the chances of being outbid are reduced.

Pre-decide the budget

You should be clear about how much you can bid at the most. It is crucial when there is a competitive bidding process, and there the bid is going back to back. Knowing your limit helps you keep one ace up your sleeve for the last minutes of the auction.

Use eBay’s auto bidder to help you.

Since there are chances that you will be outbid by someone or the other, it is a good idea to take the help of Auction eBay in-built auto-bidding system. You can read how to set up the guidelines at eBay.

Look out for the Buy It Now option.

Sometimes, you might come across the Buy It Now option during the auction. It is best to use this option for immediate purchase. This way, you get the item at a good price without having to go through the entire process of auction eBay.

Wait for the final moment to make the final bid.

The final moments are crucial. So, keep your best move for the last. Bid your maximum highest in the seconds before the close of the auction.

Bid the reserve price immediately

If the listing has a reserve price, ensure that you are one of the first to bid that amount. The timing is of the essence in this case. 

Bidding an uneven value

This is another great tip for auction eBay. An even amount is like placing a bid for $10.73 rather than $10.50. It can help your bid feature as the highest bid.

Before starting the bid, enquire about similar items.

Your research can include looking at similar items to get an idea about the number of bidders.

Use an eBay bidding app.

Bidding apps help maximum snipe bids at the last moment, and it is all automated. The results are amazing, with impressive wins recorded.

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