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How Vaping Devices Deliver that Satisfying Hit

by DarahAlbesa
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How Vaping Devices Deliver that Satisfying Hit

Aside from helping cigarette smokers transition to a safer and healthier alternative, vape devices have also introduced an easy way to enjoy a satisfying cloud and hit with every puff! Vapes in NZ and the other devices that dominate the market come in varying shapes, colours, sizes, and vaping experiences.


What are the Different Types of Vaping Devices?

There are different types of vape devices. Some examples are the first-generation cig-a-likes, the second-generation vape pens, the third-generation mods, and the latest generation, pod mods.

There are also variations and revivals of vape designs that are enhanced to deliver a smoking experience like no other. Regardless of their types or designs, these vape devices follow the same principle: heating e-juices and herbs instead of burning them.

This article talks about the process behind vaping and how the devices work.


How Do Vaping and Vape Devices Work?

Generally, vape devices have four primary components: a mouthpiece, a heating element, a power source, and a cartridge or pod that holds e-liquid vape juice, herb, or tobacco heat sticks, depending on the type of device you have.

Below, we discuss how these parts work together to deliver that satisfying hit with these sections below.

1. Activating the vape

Most e-cigarette and vape devices activate through puffing. While some have ON and OFF switches, most modern vapes are buttonless. Inhaling through the vape mouthpiece alone can signal the battery to start heating the device.

2. Heating the vape juice

Once the battery is activated, it powers the atomiser to heat the e-liquid or, in other devices, herbs, or tobacco sticks. The heat creates vapour, releasing the flavours and aroma.

Unlike cigarette smoke from tobacco burning, the vapour doesn’t contain carbon monoxide and tar. It also has significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals than cigarettes.

Heating components can come in the form of a coil or wire rod. Some devices allow you to control the temperature of these components.

Higher temperature levels will give you thicker clouds and more flavour intensity. You can adjust them based on your preference.

3. Filling the pods.

The pod, also known as a reservoir or cartridge, contains vape juice or herbs. Disposable and closed-pod vape devices are pre-filled with e-liquid. On the other hand, reusable units let you empty, change, add, and mix juice or herb flavourings.

The freedom to control what goes into your pod also helps you enjoy a nicotine-free smoking experience. You can easily manage the amount of nicotine in your juice or herb.

4. Charging the vape device.

A fully-charged and reusable vape device can help you enjoy hours of vaping and hundreds of puffs per pod. However, some vapes have built-in, consumable batteries designed to be single-use and disposable. Depending on your existing smoking habits and preference, one option should be more practical than the other.


So, there you have it, the process behind vaping and how these modern devices work. Hopefully, this article has given you a basic understanding of how you can enjoy this safer and healthier smoking alternative. Have fun!

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