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Importance of GIA Certificate When Buying Diamonds

by oliviarodrigo

While buying diamond jewelry or loose natural diamonds, a diamond certification plays an important part. This certificate can be a GIA certificate. It is a complete document that states the distinctive features and potentials of a diamond.

With no GIA certificate, you or any purchaser would not be able to figure out the quality and worth of the jewel. So, it is vital to buy GIA certified diamonds from a reputed jewelry store.

Which is the Most Popular and Trustworthy Diamond Grading Labs?

GIA or Gemological Institute of America and EGL or European Gemological Laboratory are considered the most popular and trustworthy diamond grading laboratories globally.

Both these labs are trusted by the most renowned jewelers in the world. With a GIA or EGL certificate, you can be certain of the excellence and worth of the certified loose diamonds.

Why Get A GIA Certificate?

A reputed jewelry store will provide you with a diamond certification from the beginning to give you serenity. Be careful of stores or jewelers who don’t provide you with certification during the procurement. They may also promise to send the certificate to your address without checking it during the sale.

Possession of a diamond certificate is vital for both coverage and resale purposes. Also, this document can be utilized as evidence of the features and worth of the diamond. Thus, it depends on you to ensure that the diamond grading matches the gem’s description on the bill receipt.

You also have to ensure that you are aware of every element described by the labs on the certificate. It simply means that you need to understand what the 4 Cs of diamond quality signify prior to purchasing a unique gem. To learn in-depth about the 4Cs, you can visit a diamond expert.

Look for the most trusted jewelers that deal in the best quality conflict free diamonds or blood diamonds.

What are AGS Certified Diamonds?

The diamonds approved by AGS (American Gem Society) are regarded as AGS certified diamonds. It is the second most commonly employed diamond certificate laboratory. Compared to GIA, this laboratory evaluates cut quality to a more stringent standard.                                                        

Final Verdict

A GIA certification or any other diamond certificate guarantees the buyer the worth and features of the jewel they are buying. At last, it is always to carry out research prior to purchasing a diamond.

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