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IPLC License in India: Documents Required to Obtain it

by Registrationwala
IPLC license

IPLC License allows one to lease International Private Leased Circuits to foreign countries. It is one of the most atypical businesses in India and thus requires the attention of modern entrepreneurs.

Thus, in this article, we are going to take a look at all the documents required for IPLC registration in India?

But first, let us take a refresher and look at what an IPLC license is and how it impacts India’s telecommunication sector. Read More: Section 8 Company Registration

What is an IPLC License?

Let us first get one thing out of the way – there is no such thing as an IPLC License. The actual term given to this certification is the “Resale of IPLC” license.

It is the permit to reset international private leased cables. These cables establish a closed circuit between Indian ISPs and foreign telecom companies. Therefore, in an age where the relevance of telecom is growing in India, it is important to obtain this certificate in India.

Here are some simple facts about this license that you must keep in mind:

  1. The license only allows you to provide IPLC services
  2. Much like the NLD licensee, you can also sell bandwidth to Internet Service Providers
  3. The landing station that you set up must be in a conducive location – one that adheres to all the ILD rules.
  4. You are the one who has to take care of all the infrastructural requirements.

Only pursue establishing an IPLC center if you are ready to keep these facts in mind. If you’re unwilling to follow the regulations of this license, DOT won’t waste any time taking your license away from you.

Documents you need for the IPLC license

Here is the checklist of all the documents you need to obtain this business certificate:

  1. Certificate of incorporation: It is the primary document that proves that you’re applying for this certificate as a company in India.
  2. Copy of the PAN card: Provide a copy of the PAN card. Make sure that the printout is without any smudges and provides all the information cleanly.
  3. The balance sheet of the company: DOT only issues the license to those who can handle the services of an IPLC. Simply put, you need to adhere to financial eligibility criteria. This article lists the eligibility criteria for the license.
  4. Foreign Direct Investment Details: If your company has included foreign investment, provide the details of the same.  Read More: Startup Registration
  5. Proof of the bank guarantee: The standard procedure of getting this license involves, filling out the application form, getting the letter of intent and depositing the bank guarantees.
  6. Receipt of the entry fees: Once the application has been accepted, the only way for you to obtain the license is to submit the entry fees on time.


The IPLC License is one of the most nuanced business certifications in the telecom sector. Therefore, only a few have the propensity to opt for it. However, if you are one of the few who are willing to know more about this certificate, reach out to Registrationwala. Our experts will help you navigate the procedure so that you can obtain this license and start your business as early as possible. Read More: What is an Access Service License for category B

In this article, we discuss the documents you require to acquire the IPLC license in India. If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to our experts.

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