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Is it wrong for you to sleep on the sofa?

It introduces the reason and how to choose the best sofa for sleeping.

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Have you ever fallen asleep while thinking that sleeping on the sofa is not suitable for your health? When she was exhausted from work and housework, she would lie down for a while, but before she knew it, hours had passed. Even better if it’s your favourite comfy sofa. However, if you ask me whether my body is recovering from the accumulated fatigue, it is not the case after waking up. On the other hand, you may regret sleeping on the sofa because your back hurts or you get a headache. So even though you know you should change your couch sleeping habits, it’s not that easy. This article will introduce how to choose the best sofa for sleeping for those who often sleep on the sofa. Whether you’re lying down and watching TV or lying down and enjoying a book, you can take a comfortable position without straining your body, and of course, it’s comfortable to sit and relax. Choose the best sofa for sleeping and prepare the environment for your body to rest.

Table of contents

  • Why does sleeping on the sofa causes back pain, headaches and fatigue
  • What are the benefits of sleeping on the sofa?
  • What is the point of the sofa that can be recommended for sleeping
  • summary

Why does sleeping on the sofa causes back pain, headaches and fatigue

Sleeping on the sofa is likely to affect your body because you can’t turn over adversely. If you can’t roll over, you can’t loosen the pressure points, which strains specific parts and causes poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation harms health. When awake, you can change positions and stretch your body to relax your muscles and get comfortable. Since this movement is “tossing and turning” when you are sleeping, you can imagine how hard it would be not to be able to roll over. The purpose of a sofa is to be comfortable while sitting, so I think that it is often not designed with consideration for easy movement in a lying position.

What are the benefits of sleeping on the sofa?

Sleeping on the sofa isn’t have many benefits, but it’s the only one suitable for a nap. This is because there is a suitable time for a nap, the frequency of rolling over, and the ease of falling asleep immediately. The appropriate time for a nap varies, but 20 to 30 minutes is considered appropriate for adults. It is not recommended to sleep more than this, as it will affect your sleep at night. In addition, the optimum frequency of tossing and turning is about 20 times during 8 hours of sleep, so it is calculated that you will toss and turn once every 24 minutes. From these two facts, it can be seen that even if you sleep on the sofa for 20 to 30 minutes, which is suitable for a nap, not turning over will not burden your body. The point is to wake up in 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, when it comes to taking a nap, the environment where you can easily lie down is comfortable. I don’t feel comfortable going to bed throw in the clothes I move around in during the day, and I find it a hassle to change into my pyjamas. A sofa where you can lie down immediately is the perfect space for a nap.

Sleeping in the most comfortable environment is essential, even if you don’t need to toss and turn. Let’s see what kind of sofa to choose.

What is the point of the sofa that can be recommended for sleeping?

Here are the four sofas we recommend for sleeping:

  1. Wide seat sofa
  2. A flat sofa with no slant on the seat surface
  3. A sofa that does not sink too much into the seat
  4. The fabric of the sofa protector cover


Sleeping on the sofa makes it difficult to toss and turn, which strains the body and causes poor blood circulation. It will lead to symptoms such as back pain and headache, and it will be easier to accumulate fatigue. For those who sleep for a short time, such as “falling asleep on the sofa” or “taking a nap during housework”, or for those who lie down and watch TV or read, the lying position is recommended. We recommend a comfortable sofa.

  • A sofa with a wide seating surface that fits your body firmly
  • A sofa with a flat seat that does not tilt
  • A sofa with just the right amount of firmness to prevent your body from sinking in too much
  • Breathable and washable fabric sofa

Let’s prepare a comfortable environment for sleeping by arranging goods that are convenient for sleeping.

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