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Is permanent makeup safe?

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Though permanent makeup makes you look beautiful, which is convenient, time-saving, and affordable, none of these advantages count without one crucial aspect, i.e., safety. Is permanent makeup safe? It is the first question that should arise if you’re thinking of undergoing permanent makeup in Kolkata.

Whether you would like to darken your eyebrows, conceal a scar, glorify your eyes with eyeliner, or enhance the appearance of your areola, the safety of the process should be your immediate concern.

We recently obtained this question from one of our clients:

“I want to get my lips colored by your cosmetic tattoo artist. I have to apply lipstick every day, and I do not want to reapply it every time I eat, drink, or kiss someone! I’m not sure about the actual procedure. Is it safe? And how much does it hurt?

We thought it might be the question of many which make you not go for the treatment because of the blurred vision about its safety.

What is Permanent makeup?

We should call permanent makeup what it actually is: a tattoo. A permanent makeup procedure, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is the same as traditional tattooing. A permanent makeup professional in Kolkata needs a needle to insert pigments into the dermis layer to change the skin’s impression. The most typical transformations are made to the lips, brows, and eyes to imitate the glimpse of cosmetics like lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brow liner.

The process is generally opted by women, but men also imply this method to fill in the bald patches in beards, moustaches, and scalp. The clients may choose which colors they want; sometimes, under anesthesia, they undergo this procedure lasting up to several hours. The quick results are usually much darker than the absolute results, and the colors lighten up after the first several days of the procedure. The effects may last for months or years depending on factors like the kind of pigments used and sun exposure.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Permanent makeup is a safe procedure if done under expert guidance. It holds the same risks as other tattoos. Always ensure the professional you choose to work with has all the necessary certifications or licenses and can respond to safety questions to your satisfaction. You should also make sure that the technician opens new, sterile needles in front of you and use fresh gloves for your treatment.

Is permanent makeup painful?

For most people, the process of getting the treatment is not much uncomfortable. While anesthetics usually are not common for traditional tattooing, they’re common in this procedure, and the artist can discuss the options with you. Since most procedures take at least two hours, it’s necessary to let your technician know if you feel more pain than you think you can bear.


When you desire to go for permanent makeup, also opt to select the best permanent makeup artist who can guide you well and let you know the pros and cons possible with your skin type and prevailing health conditions. Truly Permanent Makeup is the best permanent makeup studio in Kolkata, where you can definitely visit to get any inquiries and permanent makeup procedures done.

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