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It Is Time For A Portrait Photograph: How To Dress, How To Pose And Portrait Photographer

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Portrait Photography – A Look

Portrait photographers are popular yet underrated. Portrait photographs often border the line between professional and business casual. There are also a few different types and multiple benefits of getting a portrait photograph done. The Portrait Photographer should be able to capture the true essence of the person in a portrait photo. A portrait photo can also be seen as a reflection of oneself and as such, one should pose for portrait photos to show the world what one truly is. When going to get your portrait photograph done, it is important to enhance one’s best features. It is also often recommended to take a personal item of importance. This may seem odd and perhaps confusing too, so we will discuss this in detail so that one can have a better understanding of portrait photography. This may also help you prepare for a portrait photo.

The Importance Of Dressing And Makeup

When it comes to portrait photographs, the clothes you wear and the makeup you put on are very important. At the same time, it is important to keep it neutral and mild too. Portrait photography is meant to make the real you shine, so your make-up and choice of dressing should only support it and not overtake it. Every Portrait Photographer may have varied styles for portrait photography, it can help to speak to them to get advice on their style. 

  • It is preferred to dress in a mild and unassuming colour for a portrait photography session. Colours such as beige, light brown and other neutral colours are a great choice. It can help to learn about skin tones and the undertone to learn the neutral colours for you.
  • Black or white are other great options as well although they are better suited for business photographs. 
  • When posing for a portrait photographer it is better to have mild natural make-up. The make-up should be used to enhance one’s natural features rather than to create an entirely new face. 
  • This can cover things such as drawing eyebrows while keeping in mind to not make it too dark and emphasises. Other than that some mild lipstick and neutral-coloured eye shadow will suffice. 

Business Portraits And Personal Portrait Photographs

The two main types of portrait photographs are business portraits and personal portrait photographs. Business portrait photos are highly professional and may be taken while dressed in formal suited outfits. It may also have an item or background to represent the profession. The smile is usually controlled and mild. A personal Portrait photograph on the other hand allows for far more relaxed smiles and poses. If your Portrait Photographer or their studio allows for it, then personalised items can be used such as a guitar or anything else that represents one’s personality or hobbies. Many sit their birds on their shoulders or have a pet on their laps for portrait photographs. Ultimately, as long as the portrait photographer and you are comfortable, anything should do.

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