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Kareri Lake Trek: The Best Himalayan Trek for Your Child

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kareri lake trek


Trekking simply means walking over rugged terrain in the hills or mountains for long distances. Trekking is often enjoyed for its amusement and the chance to explore nature, which can often be a rare find in the hustle and bustle of city life. Trekking is a great way to let go of the stresses of aging and integrate one’s life with the natural world.


It is often seen as a sport for adults, and parents have concerns about their children’s participation. Parents frequently defend their children. They fail to see their children’s potential.you can visit kareri lake trek .


Trekking for children


Children are agile and light-weighted, making them as well suited for trekking as adults. Children in hilly areas often travel up and down hills multiple times per day to fetch their goods, go to school, or play. They are not disqualified from being trekkers.


Not all treks are suitable for children. You can choose a trek that is suitable for your child based on weather, altitude and distance.


The Kareri lake trek, among others, is one of the most suitable treks for children.


Kareri Lake Overview


Kareri, a high-altitude freshwater reservoir, is located 9 km northwest of Dharamshala in the Kangra District, south of Dhauladhar Range. The lake is shallow and clear, with the lake bed visible from most locations.


Kareri Lake Trek


Lage: Kangra district in Himachal

Distance 25 km

Duration: 3 Days

Difficulty: Easy

Maximum elevation: 2,934 metres


For its simplicity and ease, Kareri Lake is a popular destination for trekkers. This is a journey that takes approximately 2 hours and starts at 2,934 metres high. It is 25 km away from Kareri village.


This village is home to the Gaddi tribe, and marks the start of the trek. Next stop is Liyoti Village. This trail leads to dense forests of pines and cedar. There are many beautiful sights along the hike to Liyoti. These include the river that flows alongside the trail, narrow and wide trails, bridges, and waterfalls where you can refill your water bottles. Many beautiful birds call the trail home and wander along the trails.


You will head towards Kareri lake the next day, after you have reached Liyoti. This is the second time that the altitude has increased. You will find Nyund Nallah, a mountain stream that flows upstream and leads to Kareri Lake. Trekkers can enjoy the stunning beauty of the lake and its surroundings, as well as the stunning verdure. The Dhauladhar range can also be seen from the lake.


Trekking for kids


Kareri lake trek has been deemed suitable for children and is supported by evidence and reason. The trek covers 25 km and is spread over three days, making it less strenuous.


Kareri lake’s maximum elevation is 2934m. This is quite tolerable for children if the weather isn’t too harsh. It is best to visit with children in spring and summer, as it has mild temperatures and cool nights. This season, the verdure is lush. Children should not be exposed to snow in winter, as the trail can become blocked.


It takes 3 days to complete the trek, which is suitable for children and allows them to be active without feeling tired or bored. This could be a weekend trip for children.


Preparation for trekking


While the Kareri trek does not require any training, it is recommended that you prepare your children to walk long distances. Begin by taking your children for a short walk and gradually increase the distance to 3-4 kilometers. Children are agile and light, and can walk long distances easily with their utmost energy and zeal.


Do a thorough health screening for your children before you give them the go ahead to trek. A health screening can help determine their health and oxygen levels, so that they are fit for adventure.


You should also ensure that you have all the necessary supplies, including food, and that you take care of your diet. It is possible to have difficulty breathing at high altitudes, so parents should ensure that their children are properly hydrated throughout the trek.


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